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My calling involvement is cosmetology. I have ever wanted to have my ain beauty salon and go a cosmetologist. I am interested in cosmetology because I love to make hair and being an African American. I need to hold my hair done to look nice and presentable. As a kid. I ever wanted to make others and my ain hair. My female parent had a licence in cosmetology for 14 old ages and I ever wanted to be merely like her. My strengths are that I can make wraps. straighten and curl hair. relax and perm hair. shampoo and deep status hair. weaves. up Department of State. colour. roller wraps. kids manners. and ciliums. My failings are that I can’t braid or cut hair. I can’t do arch. gutsiness. or thread superciliums. I am non that great at make-up and I do non hold a cosmetology licence. If I can do my failings my strengths so I will be on the perfect way to success in life.

Three persons have inspired me toward the calling of a cosmetologist. Those people are my ma. Kelly Lamb. my aunt. Vanessa Quarterman. and my best friend’s stepmother. Trina Bishop. Both my female parent and my aunt had cosmetology licences in the past and Trina still has one. They have all done my hair and showed my some of the things I know today. They have all encouraged me to carry through my dreams of being a cosmetologist. I know that they will be behind me one hundred per centum while I make my manner to the top.

Experiences that have made me desire to go a cosmetologist were watching films about hair shows. watching others do hair. and really cognizing that making my ain hair is cheaper than traveling to the salon for person else to make it. Watching others do hair was like watching sketchs for me when I was younger. It was really entertaining and I wanted to make the things I watched them do. I besides knew that I could acquire paid for making hair and if I was good at it. clients would urge me to other people I would hold more clients. I may non acquire paid every bit much as a attorney but I would acquire paid a batch because a batch of people go to beauty salons.

Harmonizing to Trina Bishop in an interview I gave her on November 22. 2012. the accomplishments behind being a cosmetologist are licensed cut. spare. bleach. colour. manner. frock. coil. plait. straighten. relax. spray and manner. hair. makeup and different signifiers of curving superciliums. The rudimentss to cosmetology are hair. tegument and nails but non everyone privation to make nail. Some merely want to hair and makeup. Aysha Schurman stated in her article “A Brief History of Cosmetology” . from the minute people realized they wanted to look good. other people helped them better their visual aspect. She besides stated that ancient civilizations didn’t use formal decorative categories to make these workers. but they relied on the long pattern of apprenticeship or bondage ( Schurman ) . During This calling you have to supply decorative attention and be able to make reasonably much anything your client petition every bit long as it’s in the field you have your licence in.

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