Business Letter Example

525 Suzanne Road
Walnut, CA 91789
January 5, 2012CEO of Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd.
South, Las Vegas, NV 89119Dear Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino,
My name is Lisa Shen and I’ve previously booked a room and stayed there in your hotel. The service provided by this evidently certified (five star) hotel, was exceptionally well-appointed and lucid. The basic hotel rooms were reasonably priced for its size and implements. The utilities were desirable and the overall service was very proficient. The beds were very clean and comfortable, and the room itself was uncontaminated and very satisfying in general. However, aside from the good prospects of the hotel, there were some oversights in some areas of the basic hotel room. I would appreciate an effort to fix some of the disliked proportions.
For instance, the bathtub and shower were a bit dirty and not well cleaned, the bathroom floor was filthy, and the small TV by the bathtub had a sketchy signal. These poor perspectives of the hotel would very likely hurt the rating status of this corporation, but I’m sure that some improvements or advancements will surely be made as soon as possible. Please notify the people that do the cleaning service, to make sure that they’ve cleaned certain things more thoroughly. Also, please be affirmative that electronics and/or anything else are functioning the way they should be. Consider even making examinations of the overall rooms’ quality once in a while, in order to verify that the quality of the rooms is at its best.
Please consider these advisements, which would certainly make progression towards perfection in the room features. As of now, I am intently seeking new enhancements and looking forward to a response to this sincere request. Thank you for your concern towards this subject.
Loyal consumer,