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Automotive Parts – total imports of automotive parts and accessories was estimated at USD 4. 5 billion in 2004. Major players are Germany, Belgium and UK with US suppliers account for 3% of market. Most promising sectors are those that involve safety and environmental features. Major growth has been seen in brake systems, steering systems, body parts and gearboxes, transmissions, car care products and automotive chemicals. Telecommunications Equipment and Services – the largest investments have been made in networks, switches and other equipment for fixed line telecom trafficking.

A key industry is the mobile telephony market, IP telephony, internet services, broadband access services, cable, LAN, fiber and radio. The key areas for growth for the year are wireless broadband, IP telephony and triple play Investment Opportunity Investing in the Sweden is highly regarded today because of its regulations that encourage liberal capital movements and investments. Because there are relatively few barriers both for entry and exit, the market affords the most flexibility for businesses. Business operations of foreign entities can be conducted through subsidiaries or branches.Since there are no capital or substantial business requirements for operating in the country, this is a viable option for most businesses.

Only exceptions are for insurance, banking and financial protection. As part of its efforts to streamline its capital markets, the government through the Stokholmsbrosen rates stocks and capital markets and thus, investment is backed by government as well as impendent ratings for reference. Aside form the stock market, there are other capital sources are venture capital, finance houses and factoring companies. Acquisitions for unlisted companies are not under any regulation.The most forms of businesses are sole traders, trade partnerships, corporations and local or international branches. This follows international standard of business entities and formation eliminating the need for orientation.

Formation of corporations can be off the shelf or from scratch which both must follow laws for incorporation. Most business regulations are designed for the protection of third parties, the preservation of competitiveness and to comply with trade organizations.ReferencesGrant Thorton Consultancy (2002). Doing Business in Sweden. Retrieved on March 11, 2007 from www. grantthornton.

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