Business ethics Essay

A. Selling Issues in Business Ethics: Selling baccy and intoxicant. Discourse the moralss of marketing baccy. selling intoxicant. or both. in footings any or all of the followers: ( 1 ) underage clients. ( 2 ) mark selling cultural groups and/or adult females. ( 3 ) traveling questionable patterns that have been abandoned in the United States to markets in developing states.

Discuss the moralss of marketing baccy in ways that are illegal in the United States ( i. e. to kids during telecasting shows geared to immature audiences or in connexion with professional athletic events ) in developing states where such selling to kids is non illegal. B. International Business and Business Ethical motives: Should U. S. safety and other criterions be applied worldwide?

Is it ethical to prosecute in asbestos remotion from ships by docking such ships in ports where the lawfully imposed safety safeguards for workers are well lower than in the U. S. and therefore the cost for taking asbestos from such ships could be 10s of 1000000s of dollars less than taking the asbestos in ports with lawfully imposed safety safeguards for workers similar to the legal criterions established in the U. S. ?

Is it ethical to use kids to work in a works if the state in which the works is located has no kid labour Torahs? When. if of all time. make Torahs in one’s ain state established to protect the wellness and safety of workers or consumers become ethical criterions to which one should adhere to in states without such Torahs?

C. International Business and Business Ethical motives: Sweatshops Nike has been plagued over the old ages with an array of allegations proposing that its merchandises are manufactured under sweatshop conditions in developing states. Investigate and discourse the assorted allegations that have been made over the old ages. and the defences Nike has raised. Are the charges against Nike legitimate? What recommendations would you do to Nike traveling frontward. to turn to this on-going concern?

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