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1. In today’s market, some products do not exist in the minds of the public if the firms that produce them do not have an online market. The most common online market is the website, which is a must have for today’s firms. The website is essential because it the forum through which customers learn about the product and make orders. Facebook pages twitter accounts, you tube site and a dedicated email address are not mandatory but may facilitate online marketing.2.

3. Effective online communication is only achieved when people who visit a website or an advertisement page take actions that are beneficial to the firm. Techniques that can be used to promote products Facebook, websites, twitter, blogs, email, banners and slideshows. The advertiser has to make regular updates and quick responses. Websites are the most effective and customer friendly because they provide adequate information on products and ease of ordering.

4. Web accessibility is important because it ensures there are equal opportunities and for all people to obtain information and interact over the internet. Accessibility boosts interactions and hence improves an organization’s image. Ways of improving accessibility include images and animations, hypertext links, scripts, tables and frames.

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