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Dear Mr.,

This is to inform you that three weeks ago I appeared for an interview with you for retail marketing. I want to thank you heartily for offering me the job position. You have mentioned that you can hold the position for 10 days.

However, I have an earnest request to make and I will be highly obliged if you can kindly consider and keep my request. I would like to request you to extend the hold for at least 3 weeks to allow me to consider my decision to take up your esteemed offer. I am in a condition to weigh certain options and though it may be asking too much yet I am humbly asking for this consideration. I am looking forward to a positive response and kindness on your part.

Thanking you


Your Name

Case 2


Your Name

Your Address

Name of Boss


Dear Ms. (Name of Boss)

This is to inform you that I have been offered a challenging opportunity which I want to pursue and therefore I have to resig from this job.

However, I would like to add that the opportunity you gave me and the experience I gained during my tenure at your esteemed company has been a great mile stone for my career and I will be always grateful to you for the confidence you had in me.

I have great respect for you and I have learnt many things from you which will be of immense help in furthering and shaping my career. Please consider my resignation and wish me good luck in my future endeavor.

Thanking you


Your Name

Case 3

Returned beds will not be accepted and affected beds will not be replaced though the action is classified as a recall. Revised operating manuals for effective guidance and required imperative warning labels have been sent to every owner of the registered beds. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Case 4

The free iced drink offer is unfortunately no longer valid due to an unpredictable overflow of customers which has been due to a misunderstanding of the effect of e-mail coupons that have gone beyond the expected response levels. We are extremely sorry and apologize for the mix-up and inconvenience caused.

Case 5

Essential points to be made in the telephone conversation

1) Opening statement: I am the HR Manager at Alion Science and Technology. As you remember we offered you a job for a project 2 days back. Well, there is a situation which we need to discuss. Is this the right time to talk?

2) It is with great regret I have to inform you that due to some unavoidable and unpredictable matters the esteemed project with Pentagon has been called off. We are in a very difficult position and unfortunately we have to terminate a number of employees working with us. In this situation we have to rescind the job offer we made to you earlier.

3) We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and very unhappy to lose your association with us. We had been looking forward to a great relationship with you. But the situation is unavoidable and beyond our control.

4) Our legal team will however get in touch with you and will direct you accordingly to make up for the losses caused to you for rescinding the job offer.

5) Closing Statement: We apologize once again and look forward to your association with us when conditions become more favorable.

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