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The old scoreboard should be replaced for many reasons. It is an old warhorse that was constructed in 1960. It is out of date and often more off headache than it is useful. As It was constructed In 1960 it is very hard to find replacement parts for this scoreboard, and often when found they are very pricey. On top of being tough to fix It Is very Inefficient when It comes to energy usage. The scoreboard cost 4 times more than a modern scoreboard when it comes to running it for games.

And now that we are on the topic of games it can only be used for football games. It is not built to show time or score of soccer games and track meets. So we have an inefficient, expensive and outdated scoreboard. 5. 8 a. We feel that the “extreme” strategy has not been developed fully in the fast-food market. Pizza Hut is considering launching a new product called The Extreme. We plan to price this new pizza at $19_99_ It will be the largest pizza on the market. It will have double the cheese. It will also have double the toppings.

The plan is to target

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he X and Y Generations. The same target audience that would respond to an extreme product also reacts to low prices. The X and Y Generations are the fastest- growing segments in the fast-food market. These population segments have responded well to other marketing plans using the extreme strategy. Pizza hut Is considering launching a new pizza, priced at only $19. 99, this pizza will be the largest pizza in the market, containing double cheese and double topping. The “extreme” pizza is targeting the X and Y generations for multiple reasons.

Not only our these generations obsessed with low prices but also with getting the most bang for you buck, and this pizza Is without a doubt that. These are the fastest growing segments in the fast food market and have responded well to other strategies focusing on the concept of “extreme”. B. You should always have your sound and video files ready for your Powering presentation. When you move the presentation to a network folder or send it to someone else, the presentation has no sound. A common problem in Powering involves lost sound and video files.

Create a new folder for your presentation, and pop the sound and video files to that folder before you put them In your presentation. Have you ever created a Powering presentation and opened it up for the meeting to find your audio and videos not working or missing? This is a common issue that many people face. The best way to avoid this is to create a new folder and copy all audio and video into here. This way if you are faced with this tough dilemma right before a meeting you still have everything readily available. C. Current employees may be interested in applying for new positions within the many.

The Human Resources Department has a number of Jobs available immediately. The positions are at a high level. Current employees may apply immediately for open positions in production, for some in marketing, and Jobs in administrative support are also available. Interested people should come to the Human Resources Department. We have a list showing the open positions, what the qualifications are, and Job descriptions are shown. Many of the Jobs are now open, but application must be made immediately. That’s why we are sending this now.

To e hired, an interview must be scheduled within the next two weeks. Have you been to the Human Resources Department lately? If the answer is no than you are missing out on new Job opportunities. We have openings in production, marketing and administrative support available right now, Just waiting on your application. If you are interested in any of these or any sort of new position within the company stop by the human resources department and check the list we have hanging. It has all the information you will need. If interested act quickly, we must schedule interviews within the next two weeks!

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