Business Aspect Cycle of Effects

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The pressures listed herein, if observed closely pertain to normal occasions that govern a certain employment requirement. These pressures, if take positively could be a good source of encouragement for the employees to perform well. However, to realize each pressure’s positive side, the administration should propose a way by which to help their employees thrive with the said pressures. B) Architectural Aspects The architectural aspects pertain to the arrangement of the office were the employees work in.

It could be noticed that the psychological factors mentioned above could still be regulated or best, eliminated within the work areas of the employees through the application of effective architectural design. C) Business Aspects Once the psychological needs and the architectural arrangements of the office are merged, the occurrence of fine business transactions happens alongside. The effective merging of the first two factors discussed in this chapter obviously contributes to the effectiveness of the performance of the employees in business-based measurements.

In the diagram that follows, the chain reaction shall be presented: Aspect Cycle of Effects Diagram Explanation: In this diagram, the chain reaction of the effective usage of the practices of psychology, architecture and business in merging them together

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is shown. The effectiveness of the merging of the three principles in business indeed gives better result on the company administration-employees interaction. Summary: Through the results presented herein, it could be noted that the needs of the employees and satisfying the said demands are affected by several factors.

Through the preservations shown, it could then be observed that the effective merging of the three major practices namely architecture, psychology and principles of business has a great impact on the performance of the employees. From this presentation, it could be derived that employees does not only get satisfied with the payment that they receive form the company in exchange of the efforts that they put forward for the organization.

Their satisfaction is also sourced out from the quality of their work environment and the psychological needs in them that are provided by the company. Relaxation along with work is one of the outstanding suggestion in this section. To some companies, music may not be that applicable. However, for offices that mainly deals with massive paper works, the soothing sound of instrumental music could contribute to the calmness of the work environment.

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