Business And Information Technology University

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It is a great honor for me to be able to welcome you to this university as its president. This is a university steeped in progress as can be seen in the provision of online and on-campus studies. Careful research has led to the provision of both forms of studies to ensure that all who thirst for education are able to quench this thirst regardless of where they may be situated. This is a giant step that has been taken with an intention not to lag behind while the rest of civilization moves on towards modernization.

It has taken not only my efforts but also those of my predecessors to bring this university to where it is now and it is with great humility that I execute my duties as the president (http://www. alex. edu. eg). My responsibility is to ensure that all students get quality education and lifelong skills relevant to the job market and the society. They are then able to use what they have gained to their advantage in life.

We are proud of the fact that through our online studies we have been able to increase the number of graduates every year from all over the world thus constantly challenging us to ensure that our programs measure up to the international standards. I hope that you will find our university to be of great relevance to your future. University provost address As the university provost, it is my duty to inform you on what to expect of the school. First of all, we offer Business and Information Technology degree studies both online and on-campus. These are offered in the Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels.

These degrees are offered all over the world due to the online studies and also the other branches of the university that are to be found scattered the world over. One has the option of registering for the desired degree either online or at any campus that is convenient for him or her. However, there are some requirements that one must have attained for admission to take place and proof of this can only be done by the availing the necessary documents. To ensure that the education provided is at par with the rest of the world, we have enlisted only distinguished professors to the teaching fraternity.

One of the qualifications of all the tutors in our school is that he or she must have attained full professorship in the field of expertise and must have tutored in the field for a minimum of five years in universities of similar or better standards. I am therefore confident that the students will be provided with the best education and skills to ensure that they excel in life (http://www. alex. edu. eg). The university is reputed to develop people with enough training and skills relevant to the job market and who are above all equipped with the psychological stamina required for the satisfactory fulfillment of life.

Mission The university will ensure the provision of quality education at the international, local and regional level indiscriminately. Its programs are aimed at providing modern education relevant to the society. It also aims at developing productive, informed and responsible citizens the world over. A student is supposed to have developed heightened thought process understanding and discipline at the time of graduating to assist him or her in life. Finally, the university aims at providing learning of international standards to the entire society.

The vision is based on the fact that the world is changing rapidly and there is need to keep up. The university has to be able to incorporate the changes witnessed in society into the learning process. Business and Information Technology are important and in the modern world but are also very dynamic therefore the syllabus should be constantly updated. The university is committed to providing education worldwide even to those in hard to reach places. The mission will be achieved by providing exciting and innovative methods of teaching and learning.

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