BUSI 1301 Intro to Business Study Guide (Ch.12, 16)

If you buy a $10,000 five-year corporate bond, what amount will the company pay you in a lump sum at the end of those five years?
What is the biggest disadvantage of issuing stock, from the company’s perspective?
Diluting ownership in the company
Which federal angry oversees and regulates the buying and selling of stocks and bonds?
Securities and Exchange Commission
What has the greatest risk of investments?
A(n) __________ stock is issued by a company that has a long history of consistent growth and stability and often pays regular dividends.
Blue Chip
If the demand for a stock is high and the supply of the stock is low, the price of the stock will __________.
With stock investing, a capital gain occurs when __________.
The stock owner sells the stock for a higher price than he paid for it
What kind of bond type is the safest?
Treasury Bonds
What is not one of four main reasons why mutual funds are popular with investors?
Government guarantees that minimize risk
Marketing has evolved over what four general eras?
Production, sales, marketing, customer relationship
During which era did businesses switch their focus to place special emphasis on pleasuring customers after the sale?
Customer relationship era
How does marketing most benefit consumers?
By responding to consumer needs in an effort to satisfy those needs
A marketing strategy consists of the following elements: __________.
The target market and the marketing mix
When you have already determined that there is demand for the services of your potential business, you next step is to __________.
Conduct market research
The fact that modern, sophisticated manufacturing innovations have enabled many firms to more easily customize their products and to offer them at dramatically reduced prices to satisfy the crying states of targeted customers represents the impact of the __________ on the marketing of products.
Technological environment
What is not a primary source of data?
Accounting records
Snow blowers are sold in areas where there is a longer cold season and the likelihood of snow. The consumer market for snow blowers is an example of __________.
Geographic segmentation
What is a typical characteristic of a business-to-business market?
Geographically concentrated buyers
What is not a criticism of marketing?
Catering to an exclusively up-scale clientele
A bond’s interest rate is termed its __________.

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