Bus 346 Quiz 17

The right communication channel to use in IMC is
There is no one right communication channel to use—it depends on the target customers who should receive the message.

The correct answer is: the one that will connect to the desired recipients.

Loretta would like to know which, if any, of her firm’s IMC efforts are working. She could use all of the following EXCEPT __________ to provide feedback from her efforts.
Feedback can take many forms: a customer’s purchase of the item, a complaint or compliment, the redemption of a coupon or rebate, a tweet about the product on Twitter, etc.

The correct answer is: the channel

The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is to
Marketing communications is the promotion element of the four Ps, the method by which the firm communicates value to target customers.

The correct answer is: communicate the value proposition to the target market.

When Yolanda asked her firm’s advertising agency to estimate how often consumers saw her firm’s IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to the message, she was told the reach was 40, the frequency was 4, and the competitive parity was 10. The gross rating points for her firm’s campaign were
Gross rating points (GRP) are computed by multiplying reach by frequency. Thus, in this case, GRP = 40 x 4 = 160.

The correct answer is: 160.

Once the marketing communication has captured the interest of its target market, the goal of subsequent IMC messages should be to move the consumer from
The interest stage of the AIDA model is represented by “I like it”; the next stage, desire, is represented by “I want it.”

The correct answer is: “I like it” to “I want it.”

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