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Now that you know the parts there are three main steps to building a computer: picking the right parts, putting the parts together, and starting your computer for the first time. Now It Is time get started building your own computer. When building a computer you have to make sure you have the right parts. The best thing to do is to order your parts from the internet from your website of choice. The first part you need is a case. The case is the easiest part to choose, I would go with Just a standard computer ATX case. Next you need a motherboard, make sure our mother board fits In your case.

To make sure see what size it Is when purchasing. The sizes are micro ATX, and ATX. If you have an ATX case get an ATX motherboard and vice versa. Next you will need a CAP]. The CPU is the part you should spend the most money on; anything around the 100-200 dollar mark is more than enough. Next get 8 gigabytes of RAM. After that you need to choose a hard drive and disk drive. These two parts are cheap, so make sure you don’t pay too much. The next part you need is a JPG. This should be the thing you spend a lot of money on, as ell as your CPU.

Next buy your SO, I would recommend windows 7. Now that you have the parts you are ready to put the computer together. You have your parts, now you need to put them together to actually build your very own computer. First thing you want to do is find a flat surface to work. Next put your case on its side so you can easily work in it. The first part you want to put in the case Is the motherboard. The mother board has screw holes around It. Line the holes up with the screws In the case and proceed to screw all of them in. The nest few arts plug in to your motherboard.

First put in your CAP’, the socket is a square located in the center of the motherboard. Drop the CPU in and secure it with the bracket that is on the motherboard. Next you need to plug In your GAP. This s very easy; there Is a socket labeled “PC 3. 0” on the motherboard. The GAP plugs right Into that socket. Next you need plug in the RAM. The ram is in two parts and goes into the sockets located next to the CAP]. Now you are almost finished. Place your Power Supply in the bottom of the case and screw it in with the holes in the case.

In your case there will be docks for your hard drive and disk drive. The disk drive slides In from the front of the case then screw it in to the brackets that hold it in place. Place you hard drive on one of the brackets and screw it in as well. Now the last step is to plug in the chords from the power supply to the motherboard. The final step to building your computer Is starting It for the first time. Plug your computer Into a monitor and from there plug In a mouse and keyboard to the back of the computer. Your operating system is on a disk.

Place the disk in the disk tray and 1 OFF this screen then you know you have done everything right and it is time to install your windows 7. There will be a few options on the screen, select the one that says “install windows”. Your computer will now begin to install windows and it is only a matter of time until you are using the computer you built yourself. After plugging in a few parts and screwing in some hardware you have built your first computer. The main reason I would recommend building your own computer is he amount of money you will save by doing it yourself.

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