BTHS Geography Chapter 1

Greek Term – geographia
To describe the earth
the study of the distribution and interaction of physical and human features on the earth
Mental Maps
Maps that people carry in their minds – such as finding you classroom, cafeteria – or your way home.
Mr. Lip
Mr. Lip is an acronym for the 5 themes of geography: Movement, Region, Location, Interaction, and Place
Absolute Location
The exact place of a geographic feature – it may be described by using specific latitude and longitude coordinates.
Relative Location
Describes a place in comparison to other places around it. McDonalds is about 3 miles east of Longleaf Pine Parkway on County Road 210.
from the Greek, meaning half
From the Greek meaning “ball.” A globe or a round solid figure – such as the earth.
In geographic terms, one half of the earth – which can be divided into
north / south or east / west
an imaginary line that divides the earth into northern and southern halves. It is the zero degree line for latitude.
Prime Meridian
The imaginary line dividing the earth into east and west – sometimes called the Greenwich Meridian because it runs through Greenwich, England. The Prime Meridian is the zero degree line for longitude.
imaginary lines that run parallel to the equator
imaginary lines that go around the earth over the poles
Formal Region
an area of the earth defined by a limited number of related characteristics such as climate, vegetation or land use. Also defined by continental area and similar cultural styles such as the USA and Canada, Europe, Latin America, etc.
Functional Region
Organized around a set of interactions and connections between places. Characterized by a hub or central place such as a city and its suburbs
Perceptual Regions
one in which people perceive, or see, the characteristics of the region in the same way, such as the “Midwest” or the Sunbelt.
Linear Distance
The distance a person, and idea, or a product travels. Think about McDonalds or Coke-Cola.
Time Distance
the amount of time it takes for a person, an idea, or a product to travel.
Psychological Distance
The way people view distance. Familiar places seem closer – less familiar places seem far away. Are we there yet?
a three dimensional representation of the earth
a two dimensitional graphic representation of selected parts of the earth’s surface
a mapmaker
map projection
a way of drawint the earth’s surface that reduces distortion.
topographic map
representation of natural and man-made features on the earth
a series of satellites that orbit 100 miles above the earth
Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite – is a weather satellite that flies in sync (stationary orbit) above the earth.
Geographic Information Systems – has the ability to combine information from a variety of digital resources
Global Positioning System – A series of 24 satellites that help identify a specific position on earth (or the distance from another position on earth) – handy for golfers and driving a car to a specific location.
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