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Human ‘s encephalon is the Centre of a homo, where all informations processing happened in the encephalon. Brain give bid for custodies to travel, so it moves. However, must non be forgotten that organic structure is besides peculiarly of import, it acts as a medium for human to execute what is commanded by the encephalon.

When organic structure is non well-functioning, the bid from the encephalon ca n’t be performed good. For illustration, encephalon commanded the manus to rub the nose but at the same clip, both of custodies are keeping a large box. Decidedly, we do n’t hold any medium to rub the olfactory organ. Extremely, when our organic structure is ill, we ca n’t execute our day-to-day activities swimmingly. That is why it is of import for us to maintain our organic structure healthy and fit.

However, other concern besides falls on organic structure which called aesthetic concerns. Every human fundamentally want to be seen good, they want their image to be seen as good. Therefore, human organic structure is non merely a genic building but besides a society perceived building, which subsequently known as organic structure image.

Depart from the generalisation of ideal organic structure image in society, organic structure dissatisfaction arrives. This issue has been widely spread among human and being captured by many research workers. ( Blyth et al. , 1985, Tiggeman et al. , 2009 ) . Another issue which can be found in the society is eating form and how the buildings are being influenced by many factors, such as parental feeding form.

However, there ‘s a spread of clip which nowadays merely few research discussed about organic structure dissatisfaction and eating form. This research intended bring back the repute of this subject as it is of import for human to cognize. Furthermore, it found to be hard to happen surveies refering organic structure image in states outside North America ( Hesse-Biber et al. , 1999 ) .

Therefore this survey intended to make full the spread by carry oning research about organic structure image and eating form for adult females who stayed in Malaysia. The relation of organic structure image perceptual experience and eating form will be assessed in this survey by transporting out a quantitative attack of questionnaire to a group of sample.

Within this research, it hoped to happen out how body dissatisfaction in adult females influences their eating form. The sample is restricted for coevals Y adult females who had been remaining in Malaysia for at least1 twelvemonth. This is to do certain, they have stayed long plenty to hold a peculiar feeding form.

Literature Review

Human consist of three parts, which are head, psyche and organic structure. Every portion required to be taken attention of. Thus, organic structure is an highly of import portion of human existences. Human organic structure is a medium of executing day-to-day activities ; it that is why it need to be maintained. When a portion of a organic structure non working good, certainly it will impact a individual ‘s day-to-day activities. Therefore, keeping a good organic structure is an of import occupation that everyone needs to set excess attending on.

Human organic structures carry many other definitions. Human organic structure is created non merely by natural genetic sciences, but besides by how society perceives which called organic structure image. Body is a cultural building, we conceive our organic structure image internally but thought of ideal organic structure constructed through our civilization and history which changed from clip to clip ( Inhorn, 2006 ) .

In the society, adult females are proved to set more attending to their organic structure than work forces do ( Jauhari et al. , 2002 ) . Furthermore, Hesse-Biber, Downey and Clayton-Matthews ( 1987 ) captured low organic structure weight has become an of import point in mensurating adult females ‘s attraction. These phenomenon evince adult females ‘s ideals of attraction are controlled by society ‘s perceptual experience.

Body as an aesthetical factor ( Grogan,2008 ) besides has been an of import issue since long clip ago, which drives adult females to set a batch of attempt to take attention of their organic structure. ( Hesse-Biber, 1989 ) . Pressures to be thin non merely disseminated and expressed through media exposures ( Nemeroff ET AL.,1994, Stice 1994, Tiggemann 2002 ) , but besides from cultural and society factors ( Grogan, 2008 ; Fitzgibbon et al.,2000 ) .

Furthermore media ‘s permeant and powerful exposure ( Nemeroff et al.,1994, Stice 1994, Tiggemann 2002 ) of impossible thin ideal for adult females ( Malkin et al. , 1999 ; Silverstein et al. , 1986 ) even make it worse, by unconsciously pull stringsing the thought of ideal organic structure for adult females. This unrealistic, unachievable, and unhealthy ideal is exposed in the media: Television plans, magazines, Internet, and other general advertisement. ( Dittmar et al. , 2009 ) .

These effects of those exposures can be seen by the rapid development of manner industry. The widely increasing passing power on manner helps this industry to turn even faster. Generally, manner is more indistinguishable to adult females than to work forces, because adult females put more attending towards their organic structure than work forces does. ( Juhaeri et al. , 2002 ) .

Every adult females knows that manner entirely is non sufficient, to accomplish the coveted ideal, a good manner demand to be complemented by a good organic structure. The appraisal of good organic structure is determined by the organic structure image and, the development of organic structure image itself is non merely assessed by how one views oneself but besides in how society perceived ideal organic structure. ( Hesse-Biber et al.,1999 ) This building of organic structure image perceptual experience has been adopted systematically for female throughout the clip. ( Sorrel and Nowak, 1981 ; Thomas and Chess, 1981 ; Prozan, 1992 ; Stern, 1991 ; Lerner, 1987 ) .

This organic structure image appraisal has brought out more issue ; one of them is body dissatisfaction. These organic structure dissatisfaction triggered serious jobs such as orgy feeding, low ego regard, and eating upset particularly in adult females. This phenomenon has been captured by Blyth et Al in 1985, and still traveling on as stated by Tiggeman et Al. ( 2009 ) : “ Widespread dissatisfaction with organic structure form and weight among adult females has been well-documented. ”

In prosecuting ideal organic structure, adult females encountered force per unit area which requires them to carry through societal demands of slender adult females. In fact, these force per unit areas for tenuity are intended largely to adult females ( Hesse-Biber 1989 ) , ensuing more weight reduction activities and weight concerns higher peculiarly on adult females ( Cuting et al. , 2000 ) . This is evidenced by aggressive weight loss activities adopted by adult females, which at extreme points leads to medical illness like anorexia nervosa and binge-eating syndrome. ( Fitzgibbon et al. , 2000 )

Womans organic structure image and dissatisfaction has been researched in many attacks, such as medically and psychologically, and it has been an issue since 1960s. However, there ‘s a spread of clip which nowadays merely few research discussed about organic structure dissatisfaction and eating form.

Womans and Ideal Body

The perceptual experience of ideal organic structure has been altering throughout the clip. There were one time when obesity and a full, rounded tummy were emphasized as a symbol of birthrate ( Fallon,1990 ) . Plumper organic structure in adult females was one time a historical tendency. Until the 20th century, slender figures replace the plumper tendency.

Paintings of adult females, back so were normally pictured full rounded tummy and plumper organic structure. Surely merely adult females who were perceived to hold ideal organic structure will be qualified to be painted. For case, Olympia ( 1863 ) which was considered as Edouard Manet ‘s chef-d’oeuvre took a theoretical account who had a rounded tummy and plumper organic structure. However, this painting being denounced in 1865 for being non plumper plenty to be rated as titillating. ( Grogan,2008 ) . In add-on, utmost thin organic structures one time used as an index of poorness and disease back so.

Beginning: Google Image ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Another image of chubby adult females as the ideal theoretical account before the 20th century besides can be seen in Rembrandt ‘s Bathsheba ( 1654 ) and Renoir ‘s Blonde Bather ( 1881 ) .

These pictures captured the unit of ammunition shaped tummy of adult females at those clip. This is a cogent evidence that plumper were one time considered as ideal. Besides during that epoch, non merely act as an index of ideal organic structure, but plumper besides represent wealth. However, as clip goes by, human perceptual experiences and tendencies changed every bit good.


a ) Rembrandt Bathsheba – Google Image ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

B ) Renoir, Blonde Bather – Google Image ( hypertext transfer protocol: // id=20 )

Furthermore, during 1960s and 1980s coveted ideal organic structure has become more and more slender with bronzed tegument, as publicized by Time Magazine ‘s article in 1982 which argued that being slender and strong is the new coveted ideal beauty by mentioning Jane Fonda and Victoria Principal as illustrations.


a ) Left – Jane Fonda ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

B ) Right – Victoria Principal ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Get downing from that epoch, ideal adult females organic structure illustrated by slenderness. Media get downing to expose the Caucasic beauty ideal through calendered magazines and other media. Then, slender become more and more common across civilization and adult females are deceasing to hold those slender organic structure.

Human can non be separated from their civilization ; it plays a immense function in homo ‘s development. Many research workers have agreed that one of the force per unit areas for adult females to be thin come from society and civilization ( Hesse-Biber et al. , 1987 ; Hesse-Biber, 1989 ; Rosenblum and Lewis, 1999 ) .

In contrast, Tom Sanders ( a British Dietician ) argued that it have more positive wellness effects for adult females being somewhat overweight. Bing plumper will maintain adult females off from early climacteric, bosom disease and osteoporosis compared to slender adult females. ( Grogan, 2008 ) . Hence, the wellness advantages in being plumper have been widely ignored because of the biass against fleshy people ( Sanders and Bazelgette, 1994 ) .

Fleshy persons are rated as lazy, unhealthy and deserving of badgering and ridicule ( Lewis et al. , 1997 ; Teachman and Brownell, 2001 ; Grogan and Richards, 2002 ; Greenleaf et al. , 2004 ) . At more utmost point of position adapted by Grogan ( 2008 ) , they are seen as less active, intelligent, hardworking, successful, athletic and popular than their slimmer equals, which supported by Hesse-Biber et Al. ( 1999 ) . Cash ( 1990 ) even stated that fleshy people are more likely to happen troubles in leasing belongings, being accepted in “ good ” colleges and acquiring occupations. Then, being overweight besides closely linked to be seen as lazy, deficiency of self-control and being out of control. ( Grogan, 2008 ) .

In other custodies, slenderness is by and large associated with felicity, success, juvenility and societal acceptableness ( Grogan, 2008 ) . Furthermore, Rosenblum and Lewis ( 2000 ) found grounds that people are being treated harmonizing to their expressions. For case, attractive babies rated as more popular among equals ( Bull and Rumsay, 1988 ; Kleck et al. , 1974 ) , they besides perceived to have more attending ( Adams, 1977 ; Langlois, 1986 ) and considered more competent by their instructors ( Lerner et al. , 1990 ) .

In dating state of affairs, attractive grownups are treated as discriminatory ( Duran,1973 ) and perceived to have more aid from others ( Benson et al. , 1976 ) . Weits ( 2001 ) supported this thought by saying attractive adult females are seen as more popular and more likely to get married work forces of higher socio-economic position, and in working environment, attractive adult females perceived more likely to be hired, promoted and paid higher wages.

All good perceptual experiences fall on slenderness ideal makes people, specifically adult females, deceasing to hold ideal organic structure. Slender organic structure is rated as attractive and ideal. Prosecuting of tenuity besides considered as efforts to suit in societal demands of ideal organic structure, because people who do non conform to the slender ideal face bias throughout their life span even from their ain household. ( Hesse-Biber, 1999 ; Grogan, 2008 ) .

There are couple cultural thought of ideal beauty but, the most popular being adapted by adult females presents is the Caucasic ( western ) beauty criterion ( Cash and Henry, 1995 ; Polivy et al. , 1986 ; Wiseman et al, 1992 ) . Harmonizing Hesse-Biber ( 1989 ) , ideal organic structure has been westernized and that the ideal organic structure for adult females has became dilutant than of all time. In add-on, Rosenblum and Lewis ( 1999 ) and Fitzgibbon et Al. ( 2000 ) stated affirmatively that good known cultural ideal are ultra-thin and slender hipped organic structure, following white people civilizations. This ace thin organic structure ideal has been steadfastly attached for rather some clip in people ‘s perceptual experience.

The idealised wide-spread ideal of beautiful adult females is a major factor impacting immature adult females ‘s personal ideals and organic structure image. However, adult females ‘s perceived ideal besides being influenced by equals, household and perceived penchants of the opposite sex. ( Casanova, 2004 ) . Harmonizing to him every bit good, beauty understood as an attractive and above norm visual aspect, doing misss have tendency to keep a organic structure ideal that is thinner than their current organic structure ( Rosenblum and Lewis, 1999 ) .

Caused by the globalisation of media, society and civilization have been exposed to slender ideal organic structure. This creates an unseeable force per unit area, particularly on adult females. It pressures adult females to be attractive, to be slender. Because of that, many adult females presents are in chase of thin organic structure and it causes them to be easy dissatisfied with their organic structure.

In contrast to the beauty ideal which has become dilutant ; existent adult females are acquiring heavier, widening the spread between their existent organic structure sizes and those of ideal images ( Dittmar, 2008 ; Spitzer et al. , 1999 ) . Brodie and Slade ( 1988 ) found that desire to diet was positively associated with widening disagreement between ideal organic structure size and existent organic structure size. This disagreement caused organic structure dissatisfaction and caused adult females to carry on dieting, exerting and on utmost points, they may prosecute in inordinate restrictive feeding, utilizing laxative/ water pills, over-exercising and broken feeding forms, such as orgy feeding, binge-eating syndrome and anorexia.

Although white adult females beauty has been widely adapted all over the universe, there is still another beauty criterion being adapted in other civilization, such as Latino adult females beauty ideals and African American adult females beauty ideals ( Fitzgibbon, 2000 ; Casanova, 2004 ) .

Black adult females reported to hold greater organic structure satisfaction and heavier organic structure image ideals than the white adult females. ( Fitzgibbon, 2000 ) . In other words, black adult females ‘s sensed criterion of beauty is non every bit thin as adapted by white adult females. They are more satisfied with their organic structure even it is non every bit thin as what exposed in the media.

There are quite distinction between black beauty criterion and white beauty criterion, African American perceptual experiences are considered more flexible. ( Parker et al. , 1995 ) . Black adult females reported to see organic structure dissatisfaction at higher BMI rate than white adult females ( Fitzgibbon, 2000 ) . Then, as stated by Fitzgibbon et Al. in their diary “ The Relationship between Body Image Discrepancy and Body Mass Index across Ethnic Group ” ( 2000 ) , black adult females by and large do non experience dissatisfied with their organic structure until they are fleshy.

They are more satisfied with their organic structure because they believe in “ doing what they had work for them ” ( Parker et al. , 1995 ) . They compare less to media ideals, and comparing to theoretical accounts proven by Tiggeman et Al. ( 2009 ) to raise negative consequence on temper, organic structure dissatisfaction and self perceptual experience of physical attraction. Furthermore, peer feedback among black adult females besides found to be more supportive and positive compared to white adult females, who tend to prosecute in competition among themselves and covetous at slender equal, even hated them and labeled them as a ‘bitch ‘ or ‘slut ‘ . ( Parker et al. , 1995 ) .

Another research claimed that, equals and household influences have more important influence to black adult females than media does ( Casanova, 2004 ) . Black adult females believe that black work forces are more interested in heavier organic structures when it comes to romantic spouses. Therefore, their organic structure satisfaction degree falls on higher BMI rate. Furthermore, African American adult females recognize their incapableness in carry throughing white beauty criterions, and it makes them hold inclinations to disregard and even reject the Caucasic beauty criterions. ( Casanova, 2004 ) .

In other manus, Latino adult females besides have their ain beauty criterions even though it is closely influenced with white beauty ideals. Hence, unlike white beauty criterions which adored extremist slim organic structure, Latino adult females ( Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico and US Latina ) believe that a great organic structure should be juicy. ( Casanova, 2004 ) . In Ecuador specially, specification of beauty is defined as being bosomy and shapely instead than being bone thin. It has been patched to Latina civilization, even a 6 old ages old miss stated that ideal adult females must “ hold hips and have a thorax ” . ( Casanova, 2004 ) .

Furthermore harmonizing to Latina Culture, an acceptable visual aspect can be reached through attempts, articulation of manner and careful agreement ( Casanova, 2004 ) . Latino adult females believe that there are no ugly adult females, merely ill groomed 1s ( Casanova, 2004 ) . Physical self-presentation can be fixed through attempts.

Similarly black adult females, Latino adult females have higher rate of organic structure satisfaction instead than white adult females. Because they value tenuity less than it is being valued by white adult females. Furthermore, they besides like black people tend to reject the ideal beauty exposed by the media. They dismiss media ‘s idealised image as unsuitable to their organic structure and garbage to judge themselves harmonizing to these norms ( Milkie, 1999 ; Myers and Biocca, 1992 ) . When asked about the ground why they chose non to compare themselves, they responded “ They are from media, they have more experience and they besides have money. ” ( Casanova, 2004 ) .

From their point of position, comparing themselves with media ‘s ideal is like denying what they are. Likewise black adult females, Latino adult females ‘s equals have more influence in make up one’s minding their organic structure more than media. They are being supportive among each other and helped them to raise their self-esteem, so that they have higher organic structure satisfaction ( Duke, 2000 ; Parker et al. , 1995 ; Casanova, 2004 ) . Even though, black and Latino adult females have higher organic structure satisfaction degree so white adult females. There are still Numberss of those black and Latino adult females who are n’t satisfied with their organic structure.

Media as Medium

Media is closely linked to human ‘s day-to-day life ; it can be said as a portrayal of homo ‘s life. It ca n’t be separated from human life. Because media helps the society in many ways, for case, it helps human to distribute the latest intelligence from different topographic points, act as an amusement and instruction platform and even move as a medium for seductive advertisement intents. Undoubtedly, media has a large power of influence and has been a portion of every homo ‘s life.

Media has a high influence in society ‘s perceptual experience that it has the ability to visualize ideal organic structure on their heads ( Franco, 2001 ) , consciously or unconsciously. It is widely known that media is one of the biggest raising factor for adult females ‘s organic structure dissatisfaction, by demoing impossible and unachievable thin ideal for adult females ( Malkin et al. , 1999 ; Silverstein et al. , 1986 ) . In 2004, Casanova stated a encouraging statement: “ media are the most of import determiners of abstract ideals of beauty. ” This is an grounds that media has a immense power of influence in commanding adult females ‘s ideal organic structure perceptual experience.

This immense power of influence is frequently implicated as the cause of high incidence of eating upsets and low organic structure image among adolescent misss ( Duke, 2000 ; Lovejoy, 2001 ; Parker et al. , 1995 ) . The negative effects were antecedently studied by Tiggemann, Polivy and Hargreaves ( 2009 ) , it appeared when adult females started to compare themselves with the images in the media. Post comparing, they normally find themselves missing therefore taking to negative temper and organic structure dissatisfaction ( Major et al. , 1991 ; Bessenoff, 2006 ; Tiggemann and McGill, 2004 ; Tiggemann and Slater, 2004 ) .

The chief media identified as a premier beginning and propagator of the impossible thin ideal for adult females is manner and beauty magazine ( Malkin et al. , 1999 ; Silverstein et al. , 1986 ) . However, survey has shown that adult females still buy those manner and beauty magazine. Largely they buy manner and beauty magazine for amusement ( Thomsen et al. , 2002 ) , for tips on manner and training ( Levine and Smolak, 1996 ; Thomsen et al. , 2002 ) , societal acquisition ( Tiggemann, 2005b ) and to compare themselves with the image shown in the magazine ( Tiggemann et al. , 2000 ) .

In add-on, media as the medium of societal control has the power to standardise the ideal organic structure image harmonizing to planetary specifications ( Franco, 2001 ) . Beauty and tenuity, which are presented through organic structure, are being straight controlled by societal perceptual experiences ( Bordo, 1989 ; Brook, 1999 ; Butler, 1993 ; Grosz, 1994 ) . This planetary specifications of thin beauty ideal are exposed pervasively and yet still by and large accepted ( Nemeroff et al. , 1994 ; Stice, 1994 ; Tiggemann, 2002 ) . The instant impact can be seen through adult females, as they now following thin ideal as their personal end to be attained ( Thompson et al. , 1999 ) .

In achieving their end, many attempts practiced by adult females, from healthy ways to unnatural ways. For case, they did regular exercising, decrease of eating part to unhealthy ways such as fasting, over restrictive dieting, laxative/diuretic use and over-exercising ( Fitzgibbon et al. , 2000 ; Rosenblum and Lewis, 1999 ) . Furthermore at the utmost point, they practiced drug-use, smoke, and cosmetic-surgery ( Wykes and Gunter, 2005 ) .

Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Patterns

As we know, society contributed much in the building of organic structure image in people ‘s perceptual experience. However, the ideal organic structure being highlighted by the society is the sort of organic structure that is impossible to accomplish, but so society still plays large function in finding what is ideal and what is non. When disagreements arise between persons ‘ current organic structure and ideal organic structure image being perceived, that is when organic structure dissatisfaction begins to originate. ( Fitzgibbon et al. , 2000 ) .

Body dissatisfaction in adult females can be found even in an early age, every bit early as 12 old ages old ( Rosenblum and Lewis, 1999 ) . Somehow, adolescent adult females believe that their organic structures shifted between age 13- 15 ( Rosenblum and Lewis, 1999 ) as a consequence of their physical growing. Therefore, increased attending to organic structure starts when they aged 15 old ages old ( Green and McKenna, 1993 ; Rauste von- Wright, 1989 ) .

Harmonizing to Franzoi, Kessenick and Surgue ( 1989 ) , adult females tend to measure their organic structure in a part-by-part footing. For case, The parts of organic structure being spotted to mensurate their organic structure image, are broke, hips and thighs ( Davies and Furnham, 1986a ) .When they compare their organic structure, normally the comparation falls on these parts and when they found themselves missing, it is when organic structure dissatisfaction took topographic point.

Body dissatisfaction among adult females is non a new issue ; it has been present in the society for rather some clip. ( Tiggeman et al. , 2009 ) . Cultural force per unit area for tenuity caused body dissatisfaction among adult females. In fact, adult females reported to be weight witting and obsessed to be thin ( Hesse-Biber, 1989 ) . They tend to coerce themselves to suit in the planetary beauty ideal.

In 1987, low organic structure weight already used in specifying adult females ‘s attraction and it go on to be true that cultural force per unit area for tenuity are directed largely at adult females. ( Hesse-Biber et al. , 1987 ) . Therefore, organic structure dissatisfaction is besides considered as an originating factor driving adult females for tenuity, it is a factor that triggered by the force per unit area of civilization.

Further grounds suggests that as a response to cultural force per unit area of tenuity, college pupils found to be engaged in eating troubles which indicated as an feeding job. ( Hesse-Biber, 1989 ) . Eating form has been structured since childhood times, where parents hold a large function in finding their kid ‘s eating form. However, harmonizing to some research and surveies, there are several factors act uponing the eating form of peculiar person.

For case, some comes from household, foremost is their relationship with their female parent ( Chernin 1986 ; Orbach, 1986 ; Pike and Rodin, 1991 ) and male parent ( Maine, 1991 ) . Following is the household dieting and household ‘s fleshiness history ( Steiger et al. , 1995 ) . Eating form formed since childhood with great influence from parents with their control over feeding and their limitations ( Faith et al. , 2004 ; Faith et al. , 2004 ) . Some parents pattern emotional eating and utilize nutrient for wagess ( instrumental eating ) ( Wardle et al. , 2002 ) . Hence familial factors besides play the function where survey has indicated that corpulent parents ‘ eating form may do kid ‘s fleshiness ( Cuting et al. , 1999 ) .

There are besides self-internal factors, which are self concept fighting ( Baird and Sights, 1986 ; Hese-Biber and Marino, 1991 ; Stein, 1996 ; Timko, 1987 ) , control issues ( Bruch, 1973 ; Siegel et al. , 1988 ) , sensitivity towards dependence ( Woodman, 1982 ) , the demand of flawlessness ( Levenkron, 1983 ; Siegel et al. , 1988 ) , and sexual/physical injury ( Root, 1991 ; Wooley and Lewis, 1988 ) .

In add-on, adult females with low ego esteem frequently have debatable feeding forms and distorted organic structure image ( Beren and Chrisler, 1990 ; Brouwers, 1988 ; Holleran et al. , 1988 ; Koff and Rierdan, 1990 ; McCanne, 1985 ; Mintz and Betz, 1988 ; Sanford and Donovan, 1985 ; Segal and Figley, 1985 ) . Womans with higher ego esteem frequently found to hold better ego construct, which caused them to hold better eating form.

However, adolescent misss presents are being extremely influenced by unrealistic beauty criterions doing them to hold organic structure dissatisfaction implicating a low ego regard and unhealthy eating behaviour among them.

Women ‘s Self Image

Self image is related to self construct, self esteem and self worth which besides came from Cultural Development of households, from Society and Peers credence of a individual ‘s worthiness in the society and generated internally when they started to compare themselves with the images from Media. Therefore, self image factor is a factor which developed internally and externally, which developed by the influence of the staying factors.

Other surveies found that development of organic structure image is extremely influenced by self organic structure rating, ain outlook and perceived ratings of milieus ( Lerner, 1987 ; Sorrel and Nowak, 1981 ; Thomas and Chess, 1981 ) . In add-on, organic structure image has dealingss with ego worth, self credence and ego assurance in society ( Harter, 1990 ; Hesse-Biber et al. , 1987 ) , which make organic structure image as a important factor.

Then, when it comes to self perceived organic structure image, it is indirectly acts as a dominant stimulation for societal rating of attraction and self rating of attraction ( Cash et al. , 1988 ; Franzoi and Herzog, 1987 ; Lerner, 1987 ) . Since adult females ‘s organic structure is one of the constituent in measuring attraction. Usually adult females will measure their organic structure by comparing, either they compare with their friends or with their ideal function theoretical account. Then, when they found improbable disagreements, it is where organic structure dissatisfaction arrives ( Major et al. , 1991 ) .

Furthermore for ain outlook, adult females ‘s outlooks towards ideal organic structure are chiefly influenced by civilization, society and media. As stated by Hesse-Biber et Al. ( 1999 ) , “ Idealized images of beautiful adult females are a major factor impacting immature adult females ‘s personal ideals and organic structure image ; other influential factors include equals and household. ”

By measuring available information from civilization, society and media, they will hold an outlook for herself. When her outlook is dissimilar from their existent organic structure, once more the organic structure dissatisfaction arrives.

Woman ‘s organic structure and visual aspect evokes responses from their milieus, and subsequently these responses will be processed internally, which will impact the peculiar adult females perceptual experience towards herself. ( Burns and Farina, 1992 ; Sorrell and Nowak, 1981 ) . Furthermore founded by Casanova ( 2004 ) , equals remarks are the most important factor to act upon on thoughts about visual aspect and feelings of attraction. For case, when a adult female gained weight and she received negative remark on her organic structure, she will instantly endeavor to lose weight.

Therefore, self image is a strong factor which influenced adult females in their organic structure image perceptual experience, as this factor besides formed under the control of Media, Culture and Peers. Later, self image will find 1s ‘ ego construct, which will impact many countries of one ‘s ‘ life.

Conceptual Model




Eating Form




Society /Peers Pressure

Media Exposure

Cultural Percept

Research Hypothesiss

Hypothesis 1:

Womans have a really thin Ideal Body Role Model, doing them to be dissatisfied with their organic structure despite of ideal BMI

Hypothesis 2:

Womans are holding distorted Body Image, doing Body Dissatisfaction despite of the ideal organic structure

Hypothesis 3:

Womans who are dissatisfied with their organic structure have more concern in being rated as attractive among friends.

Hypothesis 4:

Women ‘s organic structure image perceptual experiences are being built based on frights

Hypothesis 5:

Having ideal organic structure means the individual has self-denial over her feeding

Hypothesis 6:

Women want to look like theoretical accounts in the magazines

Hypothesis 7:

After seeing images in the Magazines, adult females obtained negative consequence instead than motive

Hypothesis 8:

Womans who are holding healthy eating form are influenced by their parents ‘ feeding form

Hypothesis 9:

Womans with organic structure dissatisfaction are holding fat witting eating form

Hypothesis 10:

Womans with organic structure dissatisfaction practiced emotional feeding more than adult females with organic structure satisfaction

Hypothesis 11:

Womans with organic structure dissatisfaction practiced noshing more than adult females with organic structure satisfaction

Hypothesis 12:

Presents adult females tend to jump repasts

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