Block 4 Study Quizlet /* Anatomy

Where is the pre tracheal space? Pus here travels to where?Investing layer in front of hyoid and pre tracheal fascia; travels to superior mediastinum
Where is the retropharyngeal space? Pus here travels where?Between buccopharyngeal layer and prevertebral fascia; travels to posterior mediastinum
Where is the 3rd space? Pus here travels where?In prevertebral layer; forwards to retropharyngeal space (posterior mediastinum) or laterally to reach posterior triangle

What innervates the mylohyoid, geniohyoid, stylohyoid, and digastric (post and ant?)mylohyoid: nerve to mylohyoid (branch from inferior alveolar nerve) (from CN V3)
Geniohyoid: C1 via hypoglossal nerve (CN12)
Stylohyoid: CN VII
Post digastric: CN VII
Ant digastric: nerve to mylohyoid (branch from inferior alveolar nerve) (from CN V3)
What innervates sternohyoid, ocmohyoid, sternothyroid, thyrohyoid?all except thyrohyoid: ansa cervicalis
thyrohyoid: nerve to thyrohyoid via CN XII
The glossopharyngeal nerve has what 4 branches?Motor to stylopharyngeus muscle
Sensory to pharynx
Carotid sinus and body
The Vagus nerve has what 4 branches?Motor to pharynx
Carotid body and sinus
Superior laryngeal nerve
Cardiac branch (parasympathetic)
The hypoglossal nerve gets what 2 muscles?thyrohyoid and geniohyoid
In thyroidectomy, how do you

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avoid injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerve?ligate inferior thyroid arteries AWAY from gland
In thyroidectomy, how do you avoid injury of the superior laryngeal nerve?ligate superior thyroid arteries near the gland
The posterior scalene is innervated by what? Middle scalene? anterior scalene?Posterior: anterior rami C5-C7
Middle: anterior rami C3-C7
Anterior: anterior rami C4-C7
In torticollis, the affected SCM is where?where the head is drawn and opposite to where the chin is
Where is tenderness after MVA due to whiplash?TP C4-C5
How are rectus capitis anterior, lateralis; longus colli, and longus capitis innervated?rectus capitis ant/lat: ventral rami C1-2
longus colli: anterior rami C2-C6
longus capititis: C1-C3
What are 3 ganglia of sympathetic chain? Where located?Superior (C1-C2), middle (C6), and inferior (1st rib)
Superior symp. chain communicates with what? Middle? InferiorSuperior: upper 4 spinal nerves
Middle: C5-C6 spinal nerves
Inferior: C7-C8 spinal nerves
The superior chain has vascular branches to what 2 things? Visceral branches to what 3 things via what?vasc: ICA and ECA
visc: larynx, pharynx, and heart via superior cardiac nerve
The middle chain has vasc branch to what and visceral branches to what 3 things via what nerve?inferior thyroid artery
trachea, esophagus and heart via middle cardiac nerve
The inferior chain has vasc branch to what 2 things and 1 visc thing?Vasc: subclavian and vertebral
Visc: heart (inferior cardiac nerve)
Preganglionic horners syndrome results in destruction of nerves from which segment? What does it result in clinically?T1; ptosis, miosis, etc on one side
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