Bitcoin EXPO 2015 In London

BitcoinEXPO 2015 will be held grandly in London, United Kingdom, from 24th to 25th January 2015.

After the success of the previous event, organizers and participants have high hopes.

The BitcoinExpo 2014 Shanghai, The Central European Bitcoin Expo Vienna and the Bitcoin 2 Business Congress Brussels were all great events organized by the CryptoEvents team.

The CryptoEvents team promised that 2015 will start in a grand way in London.

The 2-day long conference will serve as a launch pad for debates, speeches, exhibitions and networking. It will also provide a platform for launching new Bitcoin related startups.

The Pathfinder Cryptocurrency Fund’s Bastian Brand talked about his experience at last year’s conference in an interview.

He mentioned that the organizers brought together a most prominent and important Bitcoin experts and entrepreneurs from Europe.

Although it will be similar to the previous conferences, The BitcoinExpo 2015 will be more focused on start-ups and new-fangled technologies.

This makes the conference a perfect occasion for not only Bitcoin users, professionals, investors and start-ups, but also for those who wish to explore and learn more about the flourishing Bitcoin economy.

The rapidly growing world of crypto currency attracts many people from around the world. Many members of the industry will speak next year’s conference.

So far Marco Streng, Matej Michalko, Adam Vaziri, John Michell, Wilhemlmina Jewell and Amin Rafiee are the confirmed speakers.

All of them play essential roles in the Bitcoin world. Marco Streng is the CEO of Genesis-mining, Matej Michalko is the CTO of Bitcoin Marketing, and Adam Vaziri is the CEO of Diacle Ltd.

Start-ups at any stage of development can join BitcoinEXPO 2015. It will be an opportunity for new start-up companies to showcase their ideas.

They can discuss and find out potential opportunities for their business in order to get the funding needed.

The startup ticket costs ?99 and it will give the firms the opportunity to present their project to different investors during the event’s Start-up Show.

Investors, Entrepreneurs, Venture capitalists and big businesses are also encouraged to attend.

Those who wish to can purchase an attendee VIP ticket. This ticket guarantees the best seats. The price for a 1-day VIP ticket is ?109 and price of a 2-day ticket is ?129.

Attendees can register free of cost but start-ups or investors will need to buy tickets. Tickets can be bought with Bitcoin through payment processor BitPay.

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