Bishop’s “The Fish” Poetry Response Essay

In the verse form “The Fish. ” Elizabeth Bishop uses a fish as a symbol to show the subject of life and experience. The verse form by itself has small construction to it. There are no evident rime strategies. nor any clear metres. However. Bishop uses really powerful enunciation and thoughts in the verse form. coercing the reader to believe and associate it to a greater facet of his/her ain life. The character has a really mature and serious tone. and some glooming component to his/her temper. The verse form uses a important sum of imagination. Descriptions like “brown tegument hung in strips” and “fresh and chip with blood” are common throughout the verse form. The reader can about see the fish on the boat. waiting for its life to stop. Bishop besides uses a overplus of colourss in the verse form. Colorss include: “brown tegument. ” “green weed. ” “dramatic reds and inkinesss. ” “yellowed. ” “green line. ” and it besides contains the combination of all the colourss in the spectrum as “rainbow. rainbow. rainbow! ” was repeated in the verse form. The Colors are at that place to heighten the imagination and besides work archetypically to show the temper of the verse form.

When the character states that the “oil had spread a rainbow. ” it should bespeak that cryings has formed in her eyes. dividing the visible radiation into its spectrum. as she besides mentions “sun-cracked thwarts. ” At the terminal where “everything was rainbow. ” cryings had flooded her eyes. film overing every sight and demoing merely splashes of colourss all about. At the beginning of the verse form. the character notes that the fish did non fight at all. She describes the fish as “battered. ” “homely. ” but yet “venerable. ” Later she discovers that the fish has fought many conflicts. and the broken lines are marks of triumph. She realizes the fish is non merely something that gives up without a battle. but it is something that has merely fought excessively long and is tired of it.

The character realizes what the fish has gone through and immediately additions respect and disapprobation for it. She lets it travel. For composing this verse form. the writer might hold a household member that was enduring from a disease. After a long clip of painful battle. that member eventually gives up because he/she saw through the value of life. merely like the fish. However. there is one thing that I disagree with the character. because she states the fish has “a five-haired face fungus of wisdom. ” In my sentiment it should be “five-haired face fungus of stupidity” since the fish can non larn from its yesteryear.

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