Biology section 5.1 &5.2

Question Answer
What are the 4 stages of the cell cycle? Gap 1,S phase,Gap 2,Mitosis
What phase is the shortest? Mitosis is the shortest phase
What is mitosis? Mitosis is the process in which the cells divide to make to identical daughter cells.
what are the stages of mitosis? Prophase,Metaphase,Anaphase,Telophase,CYtokinesis.
Why is mitosis important? well mitosis is a part of your body's immune system.
Why should we learn about mitosis? It is important to know how your body works and what functions it has mitosis is one of those functions.
When does mitosis occur? Mitosis occurs when ever the cell wants to divide or needs to divide.
What does prophase inquire? Prophase is the point in which chromatin condenses.
What does metaphase inquire? metaphase is the point in which the chromosomes line up. the spindle fibers atach to the chromatids .
what does anaphase inquire? The chromatids are seperated and pulled to the opposite sides of the cell.
What does telophase inquire? The spindle fibers fall apart.
What does cytokinesis inquire? the cytoplasm divides to make 2 identical daughter cells.
What phase is the first stage of mitosis? Prophase.

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