biology cornell notes

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how does it fit inside the nucleus of a microscope cell? DNA wraps around proteins that help organize and condense.DNA is loosly organized-it looks a bit like spaghetti.
what are chromosomes? one long continous thread of DNA that consists
what does histones do? they get wraped from the DNA of regular of the histones interact with each other further compacting the DNA.
what's a interphase? the interphase is a cell cycle and by the end of the cycle and individual cell has two full sets of DNA , chromosomes and is large enough to divide.
what's mitosis? Mitosis divides a cells nucleus into two genetically identical daughter cells.
how many phases of mitosis are there? 6- Interphase, prophase, anaphase, metophase, telophase and cytokinesis
what does interphase do? it prepares to divide. during interphase the DNA is duplicated.
what does prophase do? chromosomes condense and spindle fibers form 1 and longest stage. chromosomes become visible
metophase? chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. last only a few minutes.

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