Biology Cell Structure and Function

Question Answer
What is the cytoskeleton? Network of proteins that constantly change to meet the needs of a cell.
What is a cytoskeleton made of? Microtubules, Intermediate Filaments, and Microfilaments
Where is the cytoplasm? The space between the nucleus and cell membrane.
What is cytoplasm for? To support the cell.
What is cytosol? The fluid portion of the cytoplasm.
What is cytosol made of? It consists mostly of water.
What is the nucleus? It stores genetic information.
What are ribosomes made of? They are made up of a combination of proteins and RNA.
What is ER? Interconnected network of thin folded membrane.
Are centrioles important? No
What's a cell wall? Rigid layer that gives protection and support to the cell.
What type of cell has a cell wall? Plant cells.
Who named cells? James Hooke
What are organelles? Structures specialized to perform distinct processes in the cell.
Which has a nucleus Porkaryotic or Eukaryotic cells? Eukaryotic cells.

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