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Term Definition
Fermentation Occurs when oxygen (O?) is not present. Lactid Acid and Alcoholic are examples of this. (Requires 2 ATP)
Electron Transport Chain 34 ATP produced. H?O. Occurs across inner Mitochondrian Membrane. Uses co-enzymes NAD+ and FAD+ to accept e- from glucose.
Glycolysis In the cytoplasm (outside mitochondria). Anaerobic, requires input of 2 ATP. Glucose is split into two molecules of Pyruvate (Pyruvic Acids)
Cellular Respiration Metabolic pathway that breaks down carbohydrates. Process is exergonic as high-energy Glucose is broken into CO? and H?O.
ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) Provides chemical energy for cellular work. Made of ribose, adenine, and 3 negatively charged phosphates. Energy is produced when one of these phosphates is broken. Recyclable.
Electromagnetic Energy The electromagnetic spectrum measured in wavelengths.
Light Dependent Reactions Happen ONLY in sunlight. Generates molecules.
Light Independent Reactions (Formerly known as dark reactions) Happens in sunlight AND in the dark; does not need sunlight. ATP generated by sunlight drives the Calvin Cycle. Monosaccharides.

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