Biology Cell Division Study Guide

Mitosis phases
Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase

Separates the chromosomes

S Phase
DNA Replication

Cell Cycle Phases
G1, S, G2, M

Cell Division
The process in which a cell divides into 2 daughter cells

Why do cells divide?
Because large cells have problems with moving materials and wastes in and out of the cell and has DNA overload

What phase is it when the chromosomes line up in the middle?

What is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control growth?

What do cyclins do?
Regulate the cell cycle

When do cells stop growing?
When they come in contact with another cell.

When a bone breaks what do cells do?
They divide rapidly

What is mitosis and cytokinesis in?
Cell division

What is another name for cell division?
M Phase

Cell plate is only in?
Plants cells

G1, S, and G2 is in what?

When a cell divides it forms what?
2 daughter cells

G1 phase
Cell growth

S Phase
DNA Replication

G2 Phase
Prepare for Mitosis

M Phase
Cell division

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