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Crow Lake shows us that through test and trials one immature adult female is able to set her yesteryear behind her and travel on to bigger and better. However, some things in her life keep her dorsum from accomplishing personal satisfaction. Many theories used describe Kate ‘s life ‘s state of affairss and how she learns to get by with everything in her life, from relationships with Daniel, to relationships with her household.

Kate ‘s Life

Case Description

Identifying Information

Kate is a 27-year-old Canadian, Caucasic adult female who is presently an teacher at a college. She presently lives on her ain and has a fellow who she is non certain if the relationship is serious. At times Kate reminisces about her childhood and feels unhappiness for her brother Matt because he was traveling to travel to school but his life turned out different. She feels obligated to acquire her instruction and work in her current profession because of her Brother Matt ‘s failures.

Current Situation

Kate ‘s current environment as an grownup is up and down at times she has positive support from her fellow Daniel but at times is even unsure of their relationship and where she stands with him.

Kate ‘s Community

Kate ‘s community as an grownup seems to be closed away, it merely consists of Daniel and her pupils that she teaches. Kate ‘s community when she was a kid was really supportive and friendly. The community would do certain to convey Kate and her household nutrient and aid with whatever was needed after the decease of her parents.

Kate ‘s Family

Kate ‘s household as an grownup consists of Daniel. When Kate was seven her household was her two brothers Luke, Matt, and her sister Bo.

Kate ‘s Work Environment

As for Kate ‘s work environment, it seems executable for the clip being, but she does non look to hold the passion to learn as she is making right now. Kate feels at times that the pupils do non truly take her earnestly.

Family of Beginning

Kate had a really close relationship with her brother Matt when they were younger. Kate truly did non understand Luke and was non truly close to him because of the age difference. Another ground why Kate says she did non hold a close connexion with Luke is that they did non hold much in common. However, one time Kate was out on her ain the relationship with her brother Matt seemed to go labored because she went on to acquire an instruction and he was non able to because of acquiring Marie pregnant.

Family Life Cycle

Family life rhythm of the Morrison ‘s was Luke, Matt, Kate, and Bo. Luke made certain to take attention of his household after his parents passed off. He did non desire to divide the household because he felt that this is wholly he had and he was non traveling to allow travel of it easy.

Biological Development and History

Kate has met all her developmental mileposts. From larning how to walk, talk, read, etc. Kate has non had any past unwellnesss or any medical issues.

Social Development and History


Kate graduated from high school and graduated with her doctor’s degree grade that she was offered.

Significant relationships

Significant relationships in Kate ‘s grownup life are Daniel. Kate ‘s important relationship when she was a kid was her siblings Luke, Matt, and Bo.

Kate ‘s involvements

Kate ‘s involvements are fauna, which she specialized in. Kate liked to analyze the specimens that she found in the little lake North of Toronto.

Social Network

Kate ‘s societal web consists of Daniel and her pupils. As a kid, Kate ‘s societal web was her community and her household.

Significant Life Events

Significant life events of Kate are the go throughing off of her parents when she was 7 old ages old, traveling to college, go forthing her household behind, go forthing Crow Lake, meeting Daniel, acquiring her PhD. and going a professor.


Strengths that Kate possesses is being able to cover with a calamity really good, being able to notice things really rapidly.

Identity Formation

Family Systems

Harmonizing to Morgaine ( 2001 ) Family systems, theory consists of interconnected elements and construction. Elementss are members of a household and they portion similar features. The relationships between the elements map interdependently ( Morgaine, 2001 ) . In add-on, to this you are able to foretell the forms of interactions that emerge in a household system which is a uninterrupted rhythm that helps keep the household ‘s equilibrium and provides hints to the elements about how they should work ( Morgaine, 2001 ) .

Kate and Family Systems

Kate ‘s household system is her brothers Matt and Luke and her sister Bo. Matt and Kate both portion similar features than she does with the other siblings. However, Luke is the chief component of the household system after the parents passed off and the Morrison household could non last interdependently if he was losing. In Crow Lake, you are able to place the form of interactions that emerge from the Morrison household. Kate has a closer bond to Matt because he has ever made certain to be a portion of Kate ‘s life for illustration he takes her to the pool really frequently and they portion the same involvements. Kate does non hold the same intimacy with Luke because she states that they do non hold the same involvements and besides he is a batch older than she is. However, when Kate is an grownup, household system seems to be broken down. This happens because she no longer keeps in touch with her household like she use to there is a gulf between Kate and her siblings particularly with Matt because Kate feels bad that she went on to college and he did non and was non able to after his boy was born. As for Kate ‘s relationship with Bo, she feels that no affair the state of affairs Bo will non judge her and be at that place for her.

Ecological Position

The ecological position in some ways is considered an reading of systems theory ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 28 ) . Ecological position is more focussed on how an single Acts of the Apostless in their environment, in their household, in their community, and at work ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 28 ) . Cardinal footings to ecological position are societal environment, minutess, energy, interface, version, get bying, and mutuality ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 28 ) . Social environment consists of human interactions. Harmonizing to Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman ( 2010 ) in order for a human to last they must hold effectual interactions with their environment and this includes civilization, physical scenes, place life, organisations, people the individual comes in contact with, etc ( p.28 ) .

Kate and Ecological Perspective

Kate falls under the ecological position because of her interactions with her community and her societal environment. Harmonizing to Voydanoff ( 2001 ) , a community is known as a group of people who live in comparable district, have comparable history, shared values, take part in assorted activities, and have a high grade of harmoniousness. Kate ‘s community came to her and her household ‘s side when they needed it the most. Some of them brought nutrient to the house such as Mrs. Pye. Mrs. Stanovich volunteered her clip by coming over and cleaning and cookery, and besides giving the brother Matt and Luke a opportunity to breath by taking attention of the childs. Kate became really fond of her and shared many minutess with her which harmonizing to Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman ( 2010 ) , is people pass oning and interacting with one another and their environment. Kate besides showed ecological position by holding the same-shared values as her community, they all believed in God and his plants.


Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman ( 2010 ) see spiritualty as a individual ‘s values, beliefs, mission, consciousness, subjectiveness, experience, intent of life, way, and endeavoring for something greater ( p. 307 ) . Religion is considered different ; faith is based on the organisation, philosophy, rites, plans, and community that through spiritualty it has supported and enhanced ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 307 ) . Fowler proposed a theory of religion development and stated that people go through seven phases of rational growing ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 3 ) . The phases are cardinal or uniform religion, which occurs during birth until two, so phase two, is intuitive-projective religion ( 2-6 ) . Stage three is mythic-literal religion ( 6-12 ) . Stage four synthetic-conventional religions ( 12-older ) ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010 ) . Stage five is individuative-reflective religion ( early maturity and beyond ) ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010 ) . Phase six is conjunctive religion ( midlife and beyond ) ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010 ) . Stage seven is the universalizing religion ( midlife and beyond ) ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010 ) .

Spiritualty and Kate

Kate as an grownup falls into phase five of Henry watson fowlers development theory. Stage five agencies that the focal point of faith moves from being viewed as consolidative and more of a sense of single ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 309 ) . Even thought Kate was large on faith as a kid she is non as religious now. However, values that were instilled in her as a kid are apparent today in how she interacts. As a kid, it was a large trade to pattern faith even within the community and now she is merely seeking to acquire a sense of herself and where she stands in this existence.

Alternate Theories

Conflict Theory

Conflict theory is linked to communist theoretician Karl Marx who stated that economic inequality pervades society ( McChaffety, 1999 ) . Cardinal constructs of struggle theory are involvements are basic elements of societal life, societal life involves coercion, societal life involves groups with different involvements, societal life generates resistance, exclusion, ill will, generates struggle, involve power, non united or harmonious, and tend to alter ( Robbins, Chatterjee, and Canda, 2012 ) .

Kate and Conflict Theory

Conflict theory can be demonstrated between Kate and Daniel. Daniel is a individual kid, worldly, has had several chances thrown his manner. While Kate has had to confront some inequalities in society such as non being able to go until she was an grownup and went off to college, she did non hold as many chances in her life as Daniel has. An sentiment could be formed that Daniel did non hold to fight at all as a kid to adult. Kate had to fight as a kid, because stereotypes that were already placed on females who lived on farms and did non acquire really far. Last sentiment that can be formed is that Daniel is affluent and rich because he worked for it, nevertheless, Kate would be seen as hapless due to the fact that no enterprise we shown when she was a kid.

Feminist Theory

Gilligan ( 1982 ) , states that feminist theory purposes to understand the nature of gender inequality, examines adult females ‘s societal functions, experience, involvements, and feminist political relations. Robbins et al. , 2012 ) . Crossman ( 2013 ) , goes on to state that experience, location, and societal state of affairss of adult females will ever be unequal than work forces, even though adult females have the same capacity to make what work forces do, but that adult females have been isolated from society and have been sent place to make the house work.

Feminist Theory and Kate

Kate went through many feminist facets in her universe as a kid. In the beginning, many adult females did non hold chances to them as work forces did ; the societal norm was for them to make the cleansing, cookery, and rendering the kids, while the work forces did the working and delivery place the bacon to the household. As an grownup, nevertheless Kate was able to foster her instruction ; work in a field dominated by work forces, and even gave other pupils inspiration to further themselves even if they are adult females populating in a adult male ‘s universe.

Resilience and Authorization

Appraisal of Risk-Taking Behaviors

Kate ‘s risk-taking behaviour would be traveling out of Crow Lake and traveling to college. In Crow Lake, it truly does non talk about her holding any types of intoxicant, drugs, force, self-destructive ideas, sexual hazard -taking, depression, or any other mental wellness concerns. However, it is possible that Kate could hold been depressed because of her loss as a kid and she was non able to allow many people into her life and focused on instruction to close out that feeling of solitariness. An illustration would be how she felt about allowing Daniel into her household circle. When she got the invitation to her nephew ‘s party, she was really hesitating to ask for him to travel with her and this could be because of insecurities between her and her household or with Daniel.

Cultural and Environmental Factors

Cultural and environmental factors that Kate faced populating in Crow Lake were based on faith, and gender functions. Women would remain at place and acquire an instruction and the work forces would travel to work on the farms. It was typical in Crow Lake for adult females to hold gotten a better instruction than work forces were.

Resilience & A ; Empowerment Theory

Resilience means rapid recovery from jobs and the ability to retrieve rapidly from any reverses (, 2012 ) . Empowerment theory is based on application and pattern than description and anticipation ( Robbins, Chatterjee, & A ; Canda, 2012, p. 86 ) . Robbins et Al. ( 2012 ) , states that in authorization theory the individual or group additions power to entree resources and to command the fortunes of their lives ( p. 87 ) . Once this is done, they are able to carry through their highest aspirations and personal ends ( Robbins et al. , 2012, p. 86 ) . The chief focal point of authorization theory is structural barriers that prevent the individual from accessing resources necessary for that wellness and wellbeing ; some of the barriers could be unequal distribution of wealth, power, etc ( Robbins, et Al. 2012, p. 86 ) . Harmonizing to Beckett ( 2000 ) , resiliency in the household is being able for the household to react to and accommodate to state of affairss and crises that they encounter during the household life rhythm and through passages. Last, harmonizing to Carr ( 2003 ) , there are four sub-processes in authorization theory which are increasing self efficiency, developing a critical consciousness, developing accomplishments of contemplation, action, and going involved with similar others.

Kate Resilience & A ; Empowerment Theory

Kate was resilient when her parents passed off at the age of seven because she was able to acquire her life on path and ended up analyzing fauna in college. Even through these fortunes, Luke and Matt were able to authorise Kate to carry through this end of go oning her instruction. Kate was able to accommodate really good to household construction altering from her parents to holding her brother Luke going the adult male of the family. However, as an grownup I believe that Kate was non resilient in some parts such as allowing Matt ‘s educational journey hurt their relationship because of picks that he made in his life. Kate could non get by good with this state of affairs so she stayed off and truly did non speak to her household. As for self-efficiency with Kate, she demonstrates this by traveling farther in instruction, as for developing a critical consciousness she has a job with allowing this spell and burying about the yesteryear. Kate has in the terminal learned how to develop accomplishments of contemplation after Marie speaks with her about the state of affairs with Matt and how in order for her to travel on she needs to set it past her. Last, Kate has in off involved herself with others who are similar to her such as Daniel ; nevertheless, most of her circle is different than she is.


In decision, Kate is a really strong adult female who was able to suppress many dreams that she had for herself. However, I would state that she allow some things blow out of proportion and missed some of her household life due to her commiseration ideas of Matt non being able to travel to college. In the terminal, Kate does recognize that household is most of import no affair what roads were crossed or non.

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