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This is when the use of biofeedback merged, research subjects were taught to alter bodily functions “that were believed to be involuntary controlled by means of the autonomic nervous system” (Dry.

Mueller, Health Psychology). Once researches realized the effectiveness of biofeedback on bodily functions, many were led to believe that with it, in the future, the use Of medications would slowly die down. Although to date, the use of medication has clearly not died down, biofeedback is still used to help relieve chronic pain in patients.

This quench is used to treat a number of conditions, ranging from stress to chronic disease, such as kidney failure.

Biofeedback is a valuable skill taught to patients, by using devices or sensors to precisely monitor the body’s activity. If a muscle in the body should for example tense up, the device will begin to either flash or beep, as response of the tension. Once the muscle is relaxed flashing or beeping will stop. Devices also have graphic displays that show any changes that are detected, within the functions that are being monitored.

With the help of auditory and visual aids a patient is able to form a mind-body connection.

Which will help a patient become self disciplined with the ability of controlling their own functions, without the use of any device (Biofeedback’s. Com). For patients with paralyzed legs biofeedback training can be encouraging; because although they physically cannot move their legs when a response from the biofeedback machine occurs due to a reaction of a muscle movement in their leg that they can’t physically see, it ivies them hope that they will be able to move their legs again.

Reduction of stress is what successfully allows biofeedback to work.

Once patients learn to control their stress and maintain low stress levels they become less prone to the negative affects of stress on the body such as damage to internal body tissues (psychotherapy. Com/bio. HTML). Biofeedback can also help regulate hypertension in patients.

Research shows that during homeostasis treatments biofeedback has the ability to successfully regulate blood pressure.

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