Ethics is the study of morality using the tools and method of

The use of moral norms and concepts to resolve practical moral issues is called
Applied ethics

A key feature of moral norms is
Normative dominance

A moral principle that applies in all cases unless an exception is warranted is
Prima facie

The overridding of a person’s actions or decision-making for his or her own good is known as

A moral theory explains
Why an action is right or wrong or why a person or person’s character is good or bad

Consequentialist moral theories insist that the rightness of actions depends solely on
Their consequences or results

Feminist ethics is an approach to morality aimed at
Advancing women’s interests and correcting injustices inflicted on women through social oppression and inequality

Act-utilitarianism is the view that
The rightness of actions depends solely on the relative good produced by individual actions

Kant says that through reason and reflection we can derive our duties from
The categorical imperative