Bio Final test 1

A primary function of cell membranes is the transport of ions and molecules in and out of cells—transport is directional and selective. The movement of molecules from areas of high concentration to that of low concentration to gain energy is best described as:
passive transport

Orange juice is contained in what cellular organelle?
central vacuole

What is the meaning of the phrase “correlation does not equal causation”?
just because two variables vary in a similar pattern does not mean that they have any relationship to each other

The organelle responsible for the disappearance of a tadpole’s tail is the

Which of the following processes requires energy?
active transport

Which organelle acts as the warehouse of the cell?
Golgi apparatus

Which of the following organelles does NOT have it’s own DNA?

When was the first sperm seen under a microscope?

Are the proteins and other components of the plasma membrane stationary?

The plasma membrane is made up of

Rough endoplasmic reticulum is “rough” because it is studded with

You visit a doctor due to muscle wasting. She takes a cell culture, and notices that your cells don’t have enough of the organelle that constructs proteins. From your general biology, you immediately know that your cell’s lack

Scientists have recently cloned pigs to be used as human organ donors. These pigs are special because their plasma membrane lacks ________, which serve as cell recognition sites by the immune system.

Which of the following cell types are more likely to have lots of mitochondria?

Do plants have both mitochondria and chloroplasts?

. Life gains most of its energy from

Which of the following is an unsaturated fat?
peanut oil

A green plant can carry out photosynthesis if given nothing more than
water, light, and air

Which cellular organelle is common in liver cells that break down toxins?
endoplasmic reticulum

What type of protein speeds up reaction rates?

By weight, the bulk of a plant’s organic material is derived from
Carbon dioxide

Which of the following is NOT a product of photosynthesis?
Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide enters a plant through which of the following?

What is the first step in the scientific method?
make an observation

In order for hypotheses to be valid, they must be

A related set of testable hypotheses with broad application is referred to as a

A substance that cannot be reduced to a simpler set of component substance is a(n)

You notice that over the past month, many students have started to carry a new type of backpack. You think to yourself, “maybe the bookstore recently started selling this new style of backpack.” The statement in quotation marks is:
an example of a hypothesis

. An experiment in which neither the experimenter nor the subject knows which treatment (if any) is being applied is called a:
double blind experiment

Which of the following constitutes the BEST reason for using control groups in experimental design? Including a control group makes it more likely
that the results obtained in the experiment are due to differences in only one variable

. Which of the following qualifies as a randomized, double-blind, controlled experimental study?
50 men and women of various ages are given a candy bar with real sugar; 50 men and women of various ages are given a candy bar with artificial sweetener; 50 men and women of various ages get no candy bar; the people are then observed for signs of sleepiness; neither the scientist nor the observer knows what type of candy bar the subjects ate, if any

What property of water allows an insect to “walk on water”?
surface tension

All life on earth contains one element in common. What is it?

How many phosphorus molecules are in ATP?

In what organelle does cellular respiration take place?

The building blocks of carbohydrates are

Glycogen is to animals as _____ is to plants.

Prokaryotic cells lack
A nucleus

. In a cell, the little sac that transports things from one cellular organelle to another is called a

What is the definition of biology?
Study of life

Why is a virus considered by some to be non-living?
it cannot pass on its hereditary material to its offspring by itself

When a chewing gum manufacturer makes the claim “four out of five dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum for the their patients that chew gum”, how many dentists need to have been surveyed for the statement to be factually accurate?

_______ is the smallest chemical unit of a type of pure substance.

A water molecule sort of resembles a Mickey Mouse hat because
the oxygen atom and the hydrogen atoms have opposite charges

An unsaturated fatty acid is one in which
carbon-carbon double bonds are present in the hydrocarbon chain

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