bio DNA

there is a chemical that contains genetic information that can be passed from one organism to another
Griffith’s experiments advanced the study of genetics by proving that?

Dna contains phosphorus and no sulfur
why did Hershey and Chase label the viral DNA with radioactive phosphorous and not radioactive sulfur?

genetic information is lost
what happens when a piece of DNA is missing?

DNA has stored information, that can be copied and passed on
in what ways is DNA like a book?

deoxyribose + phosphate group + cytosine
wat is a nucleotide found in DNA?

x-ray difraction photos of the DNA molecule
what did Rosalind Franklin contribute to the effort to identify the structure of DNA?

DNA was the transforming factor
what did Avery conclude caused transformation?

Hershey and Chase
which scientist figured out that the shape of a DNA molecule is a double helix?

each with one new strand and one original strand
what type of DNA molecules result from DNA replication?

hydrogen bonds
— are weak bonds that hold the two strands of DNA together, but lso allow the DNA to separate and replicate

what does DNA code for?

an intron
using DNA sequencing, you discover that a bacterium has experienced a deletion mutation that removed three nucleotides. The bacterium appears completely unaffected in all its functions. where is the mostly likely location for the mutation?

DNA wrapped around a protein

a bunc of nucleosomes together make up?

a five carbon sugar(deoxyribose), a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base
what does a necleotide consist of?

anti- parallel
in order for the bases to bond it must be?

a molecule of DNA that is a pattern for synthesis of the new DNA (guideline for making the new DNA)

semiconservative replication
which type of replication results in the parent strand being used as the template?

DNA polymerase
an enzyme that helps with the addition of correct base pairs to strand

where does DNA replication occur in eukaryotes?

Ribosomal RNA, Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA
what are the three types of RNA?

what is the copies message from DNA that can leave the nucleus?

where does transcription take place?

making mRNA from the DNA

RNA polymerase
adding the RNA nucleotides

gene regulation
the ability of an organism to control which genes are transcribed in response to the enviorment

hox genes
which genes help with body arrangement and body alignment?

what is a permanent change that occurs in a cell’s DNA?

point mutations
a change in one base is?

when the wrong amino sequence is made? a part of point mutation

stops early, doesn’t make the correct sequence?

deletes a letter from the code, everything shifts up?

adds a letter to the code, everything shifts down?

the same codon is put twice?

causes a shift in the reading of the codon
frame shift

many codons of the same are repeated?

chemical, spontaneous, ultraviolet radiation
what are the three causes of mutations?

Point mutation, frame shift, duplication, repeats
what are the four types of Mutations?

deletion and insertion
what are the two sub units of Frame shift?

what do you call things that cause mutation?

crossing dissimilar individuals to bring together the best of both organisms

the contiued breeding of individuals with similar characteristics(most type of dogs)

selective breeding
allowing only those animals with wanted characteristics to produce the next generation

selective breeding
what is one form of biotechnology?

the aplication of a technological process, invention, or method to living organisms

polymerase chain reaction
what is a process that allows biologists to make many copies of a gene?

recombinant DNA technology
joing together DNA from two or more sources, makes it possible to change the genetic composition of living organisms

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