Bio 5.1 and 5.2

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what is the cell cycle the regular pattern of growth, DNA duplication, and cell division that occurs in prokaryotic cells.
what are the phases of the cell cycle interphase, g1, synthesis, g2, prophase, meatphase, anaphase, telophase,and cytokineses
what does mitosis mean the diviason of the cell nucleus and it's contents.
whats cytokineses the process that divides the cell cytoplasm
why can't a cell grow bigger and bigger it will develop a tumor
whats a chromosome one long contentious thread of DNA that consist of numerous genes along with regulatory information
what are the five stages of DNA histones, chromatin, chromatin, centromre, telomeres
what does cytokines do divides the cytoplasm into two cells and completes a full stage of the cell cycle
what's interphase it provides crictical time for the duplication of organelles and for DNA replication
what do spiddle fibers attach to a problem structure on the centro meme of each chromosome
what are the four main stages of the cell cycle prophase, meateaphase, anaphase, and telophase
what are the five stages of DNA histones, chromatin, chromatid, centromere, telomeres
define cell differentiation the process by which unspecified cells devolve into their mature forms and functions
what are the three types of stem cells totipotent, pluripotent, mulipotent
what are the first three phases gap one, synisis, gap two
what happens when cells don't stop dividing a tumor will appear
what phase of the cell cycle is the shortest mitosis
what is histones a phase of DNA
describe mitosis division of cell nucleus
what is cytokineses the process that divides the cytoplasm

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