Bio 3.1 and 3.2 Cell organelles and cell theory

Question Answer
Who invented the compound microscope? Zacharias Janssen
What two scientists are credited with the discovery of cells? Robert hooke and Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
What is the cell theory? All organisims are made of cells, cell is the most basic unit of life, and cells come from other live cells
Whats the cytoskeleton? A network of proteins that meet the changing needs of the cell
Does a prokaryotic cell or a euraryotic cell have a nucleus? A euraryotic cell
whats the function of the nucleolus? to make ribosomes
what is found in the nucleus? DNA;Nucleolus;Nuclear envalope
What is a ribosome? Made of RNA and proteins
What are the two types of endoplasmic reticulums? Smooth and rough
What does the golgi apparatus do? Sorts and delivers proteins
What does a vesicle look like? Small membrane bound sac
What organelle turns food into energy? Mitochandria
What protects plant cells? Cell wall
What organelle found in plants gives them their green color? Chloroplasts
What is a major componet in the division of cells? Centroles

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