Bible Study

Ark of the Covenant
the golden box in which the Israelites believed that God’s presence dwelt; held 10 Commandments; lost when Babylonian king destroyed temple
God’s word revealed to His chosen people
Salvation History
the great story of the Jews; the central theme of the Bible; it is broken but will be fixed through the covenants; the way in which God has worked with free and fallen human beings to rescue them from the results of the fall (it is good, it is broken, there is hope)
Historical/Critical Method
method for interpreting the Bible looks at the text historically
assignment of a cause for a custom, name, etc. (ex. Creation)
1st book in Bible, aka the Patriarchal Period, earliest traditions of God’s revelation to ancestors of Israel; ends with them living in Egypt and begins with creation
2nd book in Bible, Israelites leave Egypt, Mt. Sinai, spend 40 years in desert w/ Moses, understand they are God’s “Chosen People”
“Second Law” starts w/ farewell to Moses before entering promised land; written during exile
Deuteronomic History
written by Deuteronomic Historian; composed during exile; tries to understand what went wrong; includes Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings
God’s messengers
sees that there is hope unlike Deuteronomy; still in personal relationship with God; he’s a prophet during the exile
food test in king’s palace shows God on their side still; looking at exile in a positive light b/c things must get better
First Exile=Egypt Second=Babylon
return to Judah where he is a priest who keeps people on straight and narrow; supervises rebuilding of the Temple
Sarai’s servant who makes Ishmael with Abram with Sarai’s blessing so that he will have a son; runs away w/ Ishmael 2 but God still blesses Ishmael
garden of creation where God made Adam and Eve
righteous man saved from the Flood by God; built an ark to save the animals and his family; made 1st covenant w/ God (rainbow)
first occurs with Noah; an agreement between two people or groups that defines their relationship and the mutual rights and responsibilities of both parties are; a contract or treaty with promises and conditions on both sides
covenant w/ God (Land, Sons, Great Nation) to whom all of his descendants is promised; all families on earth will find blessing through you
survives killing of baby male Israelites in Egypt; raised in Pharaoh’s house; sides with origin (Israelites); flees; God (burning bush and YHWH “I am who am”) sends him back to Egypt to save his people; receives 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai; doesn’t enter Promised Land
specific requirements on food and ritual; Angel of Death passes over; caused Egyptians to beg Israelites to leave
where Moses receives 10 commandments and God descends in form of a cloud
Jewish version of Bible including Pentateuch
to be different; to be set apart
Abraham’s wife
Chosen by Samuel to be 1st king, anointed, was looking for lost donkeys; ‘a nobody’; lets power get to head and tries to do things his own way; doesn’t need God
Chosen by Samuel to be second king, youngest son, establishes the capital in Jerusalem; court harpist; brave warrior to fight Goliath; brings Ark w/ him to Jerusalem; is a ladies man; begs for forgiveness for sins wants to follow God and be good not just be king
son of David, great wisdom, builds Temple to House of Covenant; last king of Israel before kingdom falls apart; very wealthy; LOTS of wives
there are many gods, but this one is MY God
conquered Jerusalem and enslaved the Jews through God’s wrath
Babylonian Exile
after reign of Solomon Israel splits in two (Northern Israel and Southern Judah) NK is conquered by Assyria and lost forever; Judah survives but brought into Babylonian captivity; Judah does not return from exile until Persia conquers Babylon and Cyrus frees them
Second Temple
Temple rebuilt after Babylonian Exile; only to be destroyed again by Rome and never rebuilt; built by Nehemiah
Rabbis who taught in synagogues; believe Messiah would be a teacher; and taught that one had to follow the precepts of the Law
in Temple Council w/ high priests & Sanhedrin; believed Messiah would be a high priest; kept balance between Judea and Rome; “let Temple Council handle it”
sect of Jews (discovered in Dead Sea Scrolls); lived in wilderness (John the Baptist) thought Messiah would be heavenly figure
The Holy One (Hebrew) (Anointed One=English, Christ=Greek)
sacred Jewish name for God meaning “I am”
“warriors” terrorists who rebelled against Roman authority; believed Messiah would be a military/political leader
Overthrew Greeks; tolerated the Jewish Society
southern kingdom made up of 2 tribes (Judah and Benjamin) contained Jerusalem and was invaded by Babylon
run by Pharisees; Jewish houses of prayer
period of spreading of Greek culture and language and rule; trouble for Jews cause of no mingle rule
Mt. Sinai
where Moses receives 10 commandments from God in Exodus
appearance of God
corruption of Judah… thought it all was going to get destroyed