Betrayal in the City Essay

In scene 1 in the drama Adika was killed during showing. Adika meets his decease. he was short four times for standing for the truth and to do affairs worse. by a kinsman. they followed him to his grave and desecrated it. The old twosome Doga and Nina are murdered in cold blood by Mulili. an agent of the oppressive government. This is because they disagreed with him and as a consequence he gets some favours. Kabito is killed in cold blood after differing with Mulili over a stamp supply of milk to Kafira University. In Prison Askari. claimed that he killed a adult male where Mosese and Jere are in and to him is a epic title. Doga and Nina’s boy. Jusper. killed chagaga ( sub-chief’s brother ) and Jusper was seen dragging the organic structure to the river and when a hunt commenced it was stated that. the organic structure was found at that place and jusper himself confessed that he did the offense. Impunity

This refers to a state of affairs where one can make anything without fright of being punished. In Kafira province functionaries led by foreman are non accountable to the people Mulili’s behaviour portrays impunity when he talks aimlessly and he is non worried about the effects so long as foreman is on his side. Boss’ words are concluding and no 1 can change by reversal what he says. he governs by transfusing fright into everyone. Those who oppose him and talk out like Mosese and Jere are taken in and others are killed.

It is broad spread in Kafira and it is pactised by province functionaries. we besides have incidences where members of the public engage in violent Acts of the Apostless. After Jusper confesses that he killed Chagaga. he mob attacked him violently. They threw rocks at him until he fell down. after falling people ran off believing he was dead. In prison cells. force is used to hush authorities critics and aby act of sensed corruption is crashed fiercely at the earliest chance. Askari seems to hold perfected this and confesses that he had killed person in the cells. “I have one time killed a adult male in this really cell” . We besides see that Regina was beaten up by soldiers. coercing her to give false grounds against Masese. “Brutes! Murderers!

Beat up my guiltless sister until she lost hearing in one ear. Why beat a adult female? Why didn’t they beat me? ” The deceases that occur in the drama are because of violent onslaughts. Adika. Chagaga. Mulili. Kabito and the old twosome Nina and Doga are all violently killed. Violence is besides used in Kafira to hush those who are vocal to the dictatorial Regime and at that place seems to be no terminal in sight. Jusper alludes to the being of force when he says. “They come softly when you are least anticipating them and before you realize it. they have pounced on you like hungry leopards. ”


E. g. “Like caged animate beings. we move but merely inside the cage” . This is when Tumbo is stating Nicodemo they are defenceless in the face of legion riddances in Kafira. The image of caged animate beings stirs our heads to see the quandary the people of Kafira are in. It brings out the thought of repression and bad administration. Cross-purpose

When two people are speaking at cross-purpose. they don’t understand each other since they are normally concentrating on different things. The sort of drama that Jusper thinks approximately is different from that Tumbo thinks of therefore the two are talking at cross-purpose. When Jusper asks Nina if he can travel and confess. she says “Yes my boy. travel and set on a clean shirt and so you can confess” . Nina does non cognize that he wants to squeal. since he killed Chagaga. She tells Doga. “He thinks he has killed you” Doga thinks otherwise. “It was his brother he thought he had killed. ”

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