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Hilton Ltd is a leading brand name in the provision of educational teaching equipment for engineering. Founded in 1 959, PAP offer customers he reassurance of knowledge and experience in the field. We are committed to customers and continue to support units supplied years and indeed decades ago with on-going sales and aftertastes support. The longevity and reliability of our products speaks volumes about our high quality standards of production.

PAP manufacture all products in the LIKE and test each item on their premises to ensure high quality standards are adhered to before sending out each item. Research and development team continue to further enhance the product range with the latest ideas and innovations. Unlike other manufacturers PAP do not simply scale-down industrial equipment for the lab, but start from the perspective of an engineering question or theorem which then devise custom equipment to suit in a robust format.

This lends itself to its motto: ‘Engineered to enthuse, educate and endure’ We enthuse students by making engineering theorems come to life in the lab by our equipment We solely focus on products that educate meaning our range is focused on learning outcomes with the student at the centre of the process We build robust products to endure class after class of inquisitive students Page 2 Customer References -British Isles P. A. Hilton Ltd. Has helped to set up numerous Chemical Engineering Labs around the world over the last half century. We can supply customer lists by country or by product on request.

Relevant reference sites in the British Isles for P. A. Hitting Ltd equipment related to Chemical Engineering include: Northern England Robert Gorgons University, Aberdeen Manchester University Stretchable University, Glasgow Nottingham University university of Aberrant, Dundee Northumberland University, Instantaneous-Tone University of Edinburgh University of Newcastle-Upon Tone Southern England & Wales Bath University Imperial College London London South Bank University Cork Institute Of Tech oenology Swansea University Chemical Engineering Laboratory proposal Relevant reference sites for P.

A Hilton Ltd equipment worldwide include: Europe Athlete Institute Of Technology, Ireland Corrode university, Spain Worcestershire University, England Pierre & Marie Curie University, France Stretchable University, Scotland Middle East College of the North Atlantic, Qatar Ministry of Manpower, Oman Zamia Training Centre, Saudi Arabia The Americas Queens University, Canada University of Florida, USA university of Illinois, USA Asia & Australia Africa Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India Air Force Training Centre Merrimack (ERA), Morocco Nanning Polytechnic, Singapore Covenant University, Nigeria Transmitted Polytechnic Institute, Transmitted Ministry of Education, Egypt Isaiah University, Libya University of Technology, Malaysia University of Queensland, Australia Furthermore, individual Product Distribution Lists are available on request, demonstrating the wide range of institutions to which PA-Hilton Ltd equipment has been supplied.

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