Benefits of Wellness Services

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There are different activities undertaken to strengthen the wellness programs so that they have positive results. It is important to first look at various factors before developing the program activities so that they are suitable to the employees. These factors include strength of employees in the company, their socio-economic and cultural background, age, education and gender etc. Activities may include information programs, behavioral change programs and screening programs.

Employees often complain of stress while working in the organization. Wellness services include variety of programs for reducing stress of the employees so that they once again become productive in their work. Programs are designed for stress management and training in relaxation which may include the provision of relaxation tapes or relaxation rooms in which the employees can sit and relax in the peaceful environment which results in the reduction of stress.

Other such activities include flex-time, psychological counseling, time management training, exercise activities and training to deal with stressors or difficult persons and situations (Anderson & Kaczmarek, 2004). These activities result in considerable amount of stress reduction and employees are able to relax them in the future as well since they are provided extensive training in dealing with

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These programs establish the concept of self-management in individuals and provide them training sessions in different activities so that they can manage any mental or health related problem in the future. People who smoke a lot and are facing health problems are treated with smoke cessation programs, smoke-free zones or smoke-free facilities so that their smoking habits are removed or at least minimized because of which they can work with greater zeal and zest (Anderson & Kaczmarek, 2004).

Then those employees who use drugs or alcohol are involved in substance abuse programs where they are informed about the health risks and drawbacks associated with using drugs and alcohol and if necessary, treatments are also provided to remove their drug and alcohol addiction. Wellness services also include providing safety programs so that the employees involve in safe behavior in all aspects of their life. Some of these programs include personal safety training, first aid and CPR training, healthy sex activities and also taught in defensive driving (Anderson & Kaczmarek, 2004).

The wellness services also provide personal assessment programs where employees can assess themselves if they are prone to cancer or heart diseases and then take steps accordingly to minimize the symptoms of such diseases. There are also screening programs which involve screening for blood pressure, hearing and vision, glaucoma, blood sugar, diabetes, urinalysis, cancer and mammography etc (Anderson & Kaczmarek, 2004). This way the problem can be identified quickly and treatment is given at an early stage.

Wellness services also include activities of a general nature like providing a healthier work environment, involving the assistance of upper management so that employees can work better, including the family members to provide home support to the employees, consumer education programs and etc. such programs will make the employees active not only during their work but also during the family time. They can give a wonderful time to their children and family which will bring positive support from these toward the work. This all will result in increasing the worker’s productivity; make them more motivated and focused and lower absenteeism on job.

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