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A successful employer ensures that the opinions of the employees are valued and they are given credit for the successful completion of their duties. There may be issues that prevent a certain unit from achieving its level best production. There may be an overload of projects for the workforce assigned for these projects. Employees may not get sufficient time and facilities for the timely completion of their work. Employees may face the common problem that their opinions are totally neglected and that they are never consulted on any occasion.

A good employer has to consider all these issues for the benefit of the organization. The business sector has experienced an increasing trend in the last couple of years. This increasing trend says that employees do not stay within an organization for more than a few years. A good reason for this practice may be that a variety of jobs give a person different useful experiences which cannot be enjoyed within one organization. This is more obvious in the healthcare sector. Many people do not recognize the benefits of a large variety of healthcare workers other than doctors and nurses.

Those employees who are near their retirement age

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want to analyze the retirement advantages which are associated with a job. Moreover, flexible timings also make a big difference when it comes to retaining valuable employees. This may include collaboration with other colleagues in such a way that projects can be shared. Employees can pick and drop their children, pay their bills, keep an appointment with the doctor, and do other important tasks in such a situation. Employees may be given a day off without any deductions in the pay on the promise that they will maintain their attendance perfectly throughout the year.

Offering challenging tasks to the employees also develops a feeling of confidence in them as they realize that their employers trust their working capabilities. However, one thing that should be taken care of is the time limit and facilities provided for such projects. Giving a huge number challenging projects to relatively new employees may create an environment full of tension and the employees may think that they are being given tough jobs just because their employer wants to earn more and more.

A good employer should take proper steps to boost the morale of his employees and to promote professionalism. A successful employer creates a working environment which facilitates the working conditions and helps the employees in increasing their productivity. A good example of this would be to promote the display of achievement certificates, membership documents, etc in an appropriate place so that other employees will strive to improve their individual performance. The employers should take out some time from their daily routines to interact with the employees.

Learning the problems of the workforce is extremely essential for the successful operation of any organization. Another good practice would be to ask service providers to give training classes on the organization’s premises. Presenting shields and trophies on the perfect completion of large projects would encourage other employees to do the same. Special awards and facilities may be given to those employees who have stayed with the organization for a long time. It would be a good idea to promote the participation of different communities if it does not create a problem.

Proper coverage should be given to events which are directly or closely related to the organization’s activities. Good employees must be treated in the best possible manner if an employer wants to retain them in the same organization. Many employers cannot influence the working hours, parking facilities, installation of new fixtures, etc but the treatment that they give to their employees has an extremely important impact on the overall environment of the workplace and there is definitely no doubt about it.

A good treatment begins with a proper orientation of newcomers and goes on until the retirement or departure of those employees. Members of staff want to know their importance and they want to receive proper credit for their work. They would like to be employed in an environment where they can collaborate with cooperating colleagues. An average employee wants his employer to take into account other aspects of his life too besides the work. Good employers should have a face-to-face conversation with each employee at least once a week although having it more frequently would be more beneficial.

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