Ben and Jerry Corporate Culture Essay

Ben and Jerry’s corporate civilization is one that focuses on the environment. its merchandises. and people. The corporate civilization of “Doing Good by Making Good” and “Peace. Love and Ice cream” set up the guidelines for how employees behave in the concern. Ben and Jerry’s hold a deep regard for people both inside and outside the company. Ben believes that “Businesses have a duty to give back to the community. ” while Jerry believes that “If it’s non fun. why do it? ” Both Ben and Jerry have had a profound consequence on set uping the values of the company.

Ben and Jerry’s doctrine of holding merriment has permeated the corporate civilization and the ice pick spirits that are being sold in the market place today. Spirits such as Karmel Sutra. Imagine Whirled Peace. and Magic Brownie are popular spirits today while Cherry Garcia named after Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was one of the first merriment spirits. Ben and Jerry’s encountered recent contention when it named a new spirit after a Saturday Night Live character. Schweddy Balls. The company’s bold place on holding merriment and being brave has been controversial. but it has non hurt the company’s profitableness.

Ben and Jerry’s strives to hold a positive impact on the environment. The company has a doctrine of bring forthing nutrient in a manner that is non uneconomical or harmful to the environment. Some of the ways Ben and Jerry’s is seeking to assist the economic system and usage safe nutrient methods is by utilizing household farms in rural communities to bring forth their ice pick merchandises. While this helps keeps the environment clean and cut down on waste. it besides helps household farms prosper. The company realizes that the economic wealth of the state is broad and they want to bring forth ice pick in a manner that provides prosperity to farmer while guaranting corporate profitableness.

In add-on. they want to be able to supply ice pick to everyone no affair how much or how small money they might hold. Ben and Jerry’s has their ain foundation that awards 1. 8 million dollars yearly to organisations in the state. Some of the different plans that Ben and Jerry’s supports are The Grassroots Organization for Social Change Program. The National Movement Building Grant Program. The Vermont Capacity Building Grant Program. The Vermont Community Action Teams Grant Programs. and The Employee Matching Gift Program. Ben and Jerry’s besides gives back to its clients.

Each twelvemonth they show thanks to all of their loyal clients by giving them a “Free Cone Day” one time a twelvemonth. Free Cone Day is when every client who comes into a Ben and Jerry’s that twenty-four hours will acquire a free ice pick cone. Ben and Jerry’s corporate civilization has been successful by alining its values to people. merchandise and the environment. The corporate civilization of Ben and Jerry’s has given the company a alone trade name that has proven to be profitableness amid some controversial ice pick spirits. Ben and Jerry’s value corporate duty by making the good and holding merriment at the same clip.

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