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The average customer is usually going to be a female who is married and is aged 28-55.

The income of the customer would be over $40,000 and would at least be having a college degree. Behavioral factors: The customer would usually be interested in art, and might even be a collector. They would also be willing to spend extra money and buy the products at premium price for a design which is customized and aesthetically pleasing. They would also be ore interested in hand made products rather than mass produced ones.

The target market can be affected by external factors in terms of the political situation and stability in the region.Aside form this economic advancement and growth is also crucial as this will allow the target market in the target region to be more affluent and have more disposable income, whereby they will be able to afford the products sold by the company. The competitive environment surrounding the business is very restrictive as their already exist established names in the market however the uniqueness of the design as well as the positioning and branding of the Cermica Dishware are going to be used to create a name and reputation or the company in the market.The technology would also be affecting the business as the technology available for the operation of the business will aid the business, however development and growth in the sales of dishwashers will harm the business as ceramic dishware is likely to get scratched and cracked with the harsh handling of the dishwashers. IV.

Marketing Mix The following depicts the marketing mix for the Ceramica Dishware Company. Product: The product of the company that is going to be offered is going to be mainly glazed earthen ware pottery as well as ceramic based pottery for the use of dining and as kitchenware.They are going to form tea and dinner sets as well as decorative and ornamental bowls. The categorization of the products will be in the form of dining pottery, decorative pottery and gift items. The product which is going to be sold to the international market is going to be different in terms of packaging.

Otherwise no other product differences will exist for the domestic and the international market. The positioning of the product will be as a high end premium quality product which can serve multiple purposes.Price Decisions: The pricing of the product is going to be relatively high based on the quality of the product and the unique designs offered Placement Decisions: The products are going to be distributed through the booths at art fairs, galleries and stores through the world as well as through the company website. The focus however will be on customization so the customer can view samples of the pieces in the galleries and the website and order a customized product for themselves. Promotion Decision:The target audience identified is anyone who is interested ion pottery and has the willingness and the resources to buy it.

The promotion of the product to the target market will be done through displays at fairs, exhibitions at the trade shows and galleries around the world as well as through the website of the company. There would be routine print advertising in the home decor magazines as well as other print media which is directed at women and focusing on lifestyle and home improvement. V. FinancingIn order to finance the business, the company will be taking on a corporate loan for the operation and launch of the venture which be standing for the first seven years of the operations of the business. This loan will be paid off by the eight year of operations. Aside from this the capital will also include personal investment of the owners of the business.

The revenue will be earned with the sales of the pottery.References (2007), Case Study – Keramica, Ceramic Industry Forum, retrieved November 14, 2007

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