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Becoming a professional helper is about more than developing technical competence (the use of recognized counseling skills)’. To achieve a helping relationship between two people Is very much Like meeting a new friend. You should Introduce yourself as an honest, open and trustworthy advocate. This must be true to your core as a human being. You cannot falsify authenticity. Egan and Rogers both repeatedly stress the importance of Congruence, Empathy and unconditional Positive Regard for reasons that are necessary to become Professional Helper.

They are the base from which your relationship develops. Without these three Core Conditions you would have a hard time having any sort of relationship, let alone a professional one. To be a valued member of society, you must be able to empathic with others, to genuinely respect them in order to receive respect in return and to show positive regard for your fellow Homo sapiens sapiens. In three stages, first you must know your client’s story: What is happening?

It Is so very Important that you allow your client to freely speak of their issue without judgment, to allow them to feel comfortable talking about themselves. They may not even know what troubles them at this point, so the freedom to speak without feeling constricted Is the only way that allows the client the unrestrained ability to open up to personal discovery. “Stage 1 is about providing a safe place for the speaker to tell their story in their own way, and to be fully heard and acknowledged. It is about a space where a person can hear and understand their own story.

It is also about entry helping them lift their head to see the wider picture and other perspectives, and to find a point from which to go forward with hope. “- The Skilled Helper – a problem management approach to helping, by Gerard Egan. Brooks Cole, 6″edition 1998 [Online] Available from http://www. Phenylalanine’s. Nash. UK/index. PH? Option=com_content=article=1272=1176 [13 January 2014] Once you have established trust, you have arrived at Stage 2. What would I rather have happen?

There Is an element of conveyance that the helper offers the client, reinserting the client from feeling stuck, too prospect of forward motion. I believe this feeling is what motivates change. In my experience, when acting as helper in training, I could visibly see the client relax as they were able to organize their thoughts into a solid understanding of what was once a confusing mass of emotion. When asked open questions, I would watch the client actively working out the answers in their own mind and then vocalism the now formed thoughts.

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