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Every individual wants to cognize their worth. They want to be known and want person else to verify the one thing she should already cognize. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. The first feelings are based on visual aspect and airs. Some people find enjoyment in viing on who looks the best. who has the best endowment. and who is a squad participant. Beauty pageants or competitions are widely accepted all over the universe with adult females. work forces. and kids who eat. breathe. and sleep excelling in all classs. But why is it so of import? I think that beauty competitions are good for a figure of positive grounds. Participants use their physical endowments to stand out competitively merely as those who decide to seek out for a athleticss squad. Beauty competitions were non merely designed for amusement. but besides for chance. Some may reason that beauty competitions are degrading and should be banned on all corners of the universe for development. When the mentality of society holds beauty prominent. a beauty competition promotes the ideal of perfectionism in human sort in the signifier of amusement. With that being said. should these competitions be branded as a good or bad influence on the people of the universe? A beauty competition is a competition that chiefly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants ( Wikipedia. The Free Encyclopedia ) . Beauty pageant contestants execute an luxuriant reconciliation act between stand foring themselves in footings of broad personhood and single accomplishment and take parting in competition dedicated to the show and care of ideal feminine signifier ( Benet-Weiser 25 ) . There are beauty competitions for assorted classs of age. sex. civilization. and gender. Although the chief focal point is on beauty. the competitions besides include classs in endowment. swimsuit/ flushing /formal wear. inquiry and reply. and judgement of character. Each contestant has the chance to vie in the public presentation of their given endowments. They besides display their figure in chosen dress for a peculiar wear.

The inquiries range from personal subjects to political positions. In the terminal. panel of Judgess evaluates each contestant. and the adult female who garners the most points in the assorted events of the pageant wins and is crowned queen ( Benet-Weiser 25 ) . The victor of the competition may be awarded with a tiara. rubric. trophy. sash. nest eggs bond. or hard currency award ( Wikipedia. The Free Encyclopedia ) . Historically. beauty competition have deep roots widening back into Greek mythology when Eris began the Trojan War with a award “For the Fairest ( Cohen 3 ) . In 1854 P. T. Barnum. a showman. tried to advance competitions where adult females took phase. but he couldn’t happen any respectable adult females to take portion in these competitions. At the terminal of the century. newspapers subsequently adopted Barnum’s thought and held photographic beauty competitions. Merely when female public bathing became acceptable did beauty competitions jump from the newspapers to the phase. The manner and presentation alteration after World War II. they became loyal and respectable ( Cohen 3 ) . Money is a major inducement for many adult females who enter pageants. Winners of the Miss America and Miss Universe contests back in the 80’s earned someplace been $ 100. 000 hard currency award. a new auto. a new pelt. a new closet. and from $ 1. 000-2. 000 for each visual aspect ( Ebony Magazine 174 ) . Every twelvemonth at least 7. 500 beauty pageants in the United States are franchised by either the Miss America Scholarship plan or the Miss USA pageant ( Benet-Weiser 31 ) . Just like a athletics. beauty pageants are large concern for the large witness “sport” for the 1000000s to watch ( Ebony Magazine 173 ) . The adult females in the pageants themselves use the experiences to accomplish success in the universe of manner. mold. and telecasting. If you still want to understand why adult females compete in beauty pageants. you many need to understand the implicit in causes for these inquiries. While the popular imperativeness and huge sections of the public take beauty competitions earnestly. bookmans by and large does non ( Cohen 5 ) .

Feminist believe that adult females shouldn’t be exploited and commended to a peculiar cause because she is beautiful and everybody likes her. Feminist empower adult females to utilize their cognition and learned accomplishments to demo merely how impressive they are in their heads to fit the external beauty that catches attending. Although. women’s rightists played an indirect function in determining how beauty competitions are now defined ( Benet-Weiser 24 ) . However. because beauty pageants remain dedicated to the objectification of women’s organic structures. the ends of these events seem to stay contradictory and conflicted. ( Cheris Kramarae 104 ) . Some other issues against pageants include political and some cultural differences. We besides look into the opinionative grounds that these competitions are featured as exploited and our ain contradictory responses. For illustration. some people think that beauty competitions are surrounded by immature despairing adult females who use beauty and plastic surgery as their advantage. For the younger beauty pageants. they involve the change in little kids physical visual aspect with enhanced beauty alterations and sometimes fictile surgery. Most people frown at the sight of an overworked kid and an overbearing female parent who forces her kid to take part. Although. I’m sure here that person has a pick in what they want and what they can manage.

Equally pointless as others view beauty competitions. they portion a intent in the universe. Just as a surfboarder is judged on his technique and ability to remain on the board. beauty contestants are justice on classs that the viewing audiences decide to watch and the Judgess want to see. So as you can see beauty pageants have been about for every bit long as we can retrieve. In the earlier old ages. adult females were afraid to show themselves on phase and name it a athletics. But merely like any other athletics. to be a title-holder you have to take the right steps to be in front of the competition. To win in competition. one individual must possess the power. attempt. finding. and a great accomplishment to go a title-holder. In a beauty pageant. the queen possesses the sequence of beauty. In competition. she is the Queen of beauty.

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