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Bearing is a vital component in being a United States Marine. It has been displayed on multiple occasions by the Marines who’ve came before us. Bearing is defined as the way a person stands acts or behaves. It’s an aspect that can be applied to any situation, whether In garrison or combat, Like keeping that cool calm demeanor while getting shot at or keeping a clear head while you get your ass chewed by that First Sergeant. We are introduced to it during recruit training, and constantly tested on bearing throughout our Marine Corps Career.

When thinking of bearing the first thing that comes to my mind is discipline, something we as Marines have an abundance of. As Marines, we behave in a very distinct way that sets us apart from other branches. It is not only one of our leadership traits, but also the foundation of recruit training. This trait embodies the “whole Marine concept” and is a necessary part of being a leader of Marines. It’s a small attribute that’ll leave a lasting impression on whomever witnesses it. Bearing plays a big part in our demeanor as Marines especially as leaders.

The presence we set In front of

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our Junior Marines will ensure obedience to orders as well as give those Junior Marines someone to look up to. In the United States Marine Corps, bearing Is the root In which every service member practices In order to carry out good delectable and ethics throughout their military careers. Luckily for us, not only are we taught it at recruit training, there are Marine Corps Orders, our NCO creed, and even Professional academies Just like the one we are attending today that give examples and guidelines on how we as Marines need to conduct ourselves.

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