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What are communication functions in a classically run organization? What are communication functions in an organization run with a human relations approach? How do these functions differWhat are the key components to a strong organizational culture? How might an organization communicate its culture outside the companyWeek 1 Individual Assignment Communication Approach MatrixFor more course tutorials visitwww.

uophelp.comLocate the Communication Approach Matrix in the course materials section of the student website.Complete the matrix to compare communication in four management approaches.Team Assignment Current Event News ArticleFor more course tutorials visitwww.

uophelp.comSelect a current event article that relates to the weekly course objectives and discussion questions for the week.Write a two page summary (in your own words) of the article. Use APA format with appropriate citations. Explain how the current event applies to one or more weekly objectives and concepts discussed in the week’s Discussion Questions.

Submit your summary to the Assignments link.Locate the Week Three Individual Assignment discussion thread in the Main forum. Click reply and post a 450- to 500- word count response covering the objectives of the assignment. Please be sure to change the subject header to…

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