Battery Farming System Is Too Cruel Essay

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Among the many meaningless promises Tony Blair made to get elected, he promised he would phase out the battery farming of chickens. In some battery farms, there are chicken being forced to live in conditions we would never imagine. These conditions are horrendous as chickens are kept in cages with several other chickens.

These cages have no flooring so the chickens are forced to rest on the rough metal. This must be ever so painful as It might be like experiencing sleeping on knifes. The chickens have to put up with stepping on wire and if they move a bit their feet could get stuck between the little cut out cubes of wire.They are never allowed to set their legs on firm, solid ground and they have no room to spread their wings. This must strain the chicken and leave it in tormenting pain. They suffer this pain and affliction throughout their lives.

I don’t know how a sick kind of person who calls itself a “human being” can lock up a tormented chicken and then dose off to a warm and cosy bed. How would the farmer like it if it was locked up into a cage smaller than it? There is not much difference with other battery farm animals. They all suffer with the same result of them lying in pain, not in their natural living conditions.Pigs for instants, they are kept in a cage which they can’t even move around in therefore their heads rock back and for in anguish to be set free. I feel as if animals in battery farms should be set free and not kept in these severe conditions just for the greed of the government to sell cheap food. They should be treated like a human being with the free will to roam around the farm as an animal should.

I want people to stand for the rights of these poor, defenceless animals to be set free from these awful conditions and to make animals be like animals.The world would benefit from not harming these animals because if the entire world would stop killing animals and becoming vegetarian there would be more food available to help third world countries like Africa and help relieve them from poverty and starvation. This could help a lot because we are taking everything for granted whilst people in the third world have to suffer badly because there is nothing for them because of the greed of the wealthy countries that don’t bother to help them.Intensive farming is a style of farming that produces relatively cheap food but has a massive effect to animal welfare. Intensive farming produces a vast amount of food for the population but uses a high level of inputs to achieve it. The inputs are in forms of chemicals which have a huge impact on the environment but farmers are not aware of this, as their only goal is to produce lots of food to meet their economic standards.

This rapid growth of food is achieved by chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers and growth regulators and energy in the form of high levels of mechanisation.This means that there would have to be more room created for these machines causing destruction to bird’s nests, rabbits, foxes and other animal’s habitats. This picture shows an intensive farming machine spraying tons and tons of chemicals onto the fields to increase the rate of production but this method is also destroying the atmosphere and the natural environment. The room made for this machine to operate must have caused loss of lives and homes for thousands of creatures.

We must stop use of this method of farming to stay healthy ourselves and to save lives of innocent animals!!Intensive livestock farming has a lot of concerns to animal life. The main problem is that overcrowding of the livestock due to intensive measures of farming will lead to pollution from the animal excreta. Also farmers may feed the livestock with high protein which boosts the meat production but also the disadvantage to this method is that the high protein feed to the livestock who are not used to this amount of protein could trigger disease in the animals. This in some cases disease can pass via meat into humans. This would have a global effect to the world spreading more disease by food.

Another method is that farmers like to frequently use drugs to keep the animals healthy such as antibiotics. However this method would backfire as an overdose of drugs helps develop antibiotic resistant strains of disease. There is also a transportation of live animals to slaughter which means the meat will be fresh, but the practice is stressful to animals and I find it cruelty. There are lots of methods for intensive arable farming.

One method is that they use chemical fertilisers to boost productivity but the fertilisers run off the soil and into ecosystems.They also use chemical pesticides to boost productivity by keeping the pests away. But this is bad as pesticides will damage wildlife by getting into food chains or depriving predator species of food. Other intensive arable farming methods is that they use machinery to boost yields and it’s more efficient.

Mechanisation would increase the farmer’s energy and economic needs as well as damage to wildlife by lost of habitat. The reasons for intensive farming is that there is a high demand for cheap food in Britain as people would rather edible and cheap food to luxurious and expensive food.So the reason for intensive farming is that it produces lots of food very cheaply to the economic part of the world. However the reason against intensive farming is that it has a cost to the environment as it uses a lot of chemicals to grow the food which would end the lives of innocent animals in the world by spraying vast amounts of these chemicals. Using drugs to keep animals healthy in intensive farming is a good idea to prevent them from catching disease and preventing illness but an overdose of the drug could lead in resistance to that drug causing the animal to suffer it caught an illness.

Another reason for intensive farming is that if you transport live animals to the slaughter house then they would be fresh, but it is known that the practice is very stressful to the animals and it is known to be cruel. Using machines to help control the farms and to boost yields is good to increase the amount of food produced but this is very bad as to make room for the machinery, you need to increase the size of the land which means destroying animals habitats and homes. The final reason for intensive farming is that they use monocultures to increase crop production.But this makes the soil structure and nutrition levels deteriorate. An alternate to intensive farming is to use farming that won’t harm life or the environment. This type of farming is called organic farming as the food produced is much safer to eat and the food is not produced using any artificial chemicals or the method used wont harm the environment.

Also organic produce has been rated best to eat by science because it says that the nutrition levels are high as they haven’t been produced by chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The average nutrition levels you would gain from intensive farming are around 50% extra.Also organic food is not covered in a vast amount of poisons as you would find on intensively produced fruit. Intensive livestock are fed on drugs on a regular basis even if they are not ill. These drugs are then passed on to the consumers of their products leading to problems such as high blood pressure.

Organic food is basically the best tasting food in the world as the produce is so juicy and full of flavour and there is a wide variety to choose from. I conclude on this point that everyone in the world should vote against intensive farming and go for organic food.Think of it, we could help save lives in third world countries by cutting down slaughtering animals and by keeping them in cages, if we went organic we can prevent loss of ecosystems and loss of life as we can feed our world with safe foods we know we can trust because they don’t contain any chemicals, we can end suffering and pain and we can help prevent global warming by cutting down the pollution from the chemicals. I believe that we should all become organic consumers as well as vegetarian as we can help the world become a better place and to help feed the starving and the deprived.

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