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The reverence has many beaches and is famous for excellent diving spots including Animal in Mamboing, Sombrero Island in Tingly, Logo Island in Banana, these areas more popularly known as Animal. Maintaining In Alan, Punt Fugue in Unusual, Callaghan and Lay in San Juan.

Battings is also where Tall Volcano, one of the Decade Volcanoes is located. It is also where the Tall Heritage town lies, a small picturesque town that has ancestral houses and structures dating back to the 19th century. Battings has the second largest international seaport in the Philippines after Metro Manila.

The identification of the city as an industrial growth enter In the region and being the focal point of the COLLABORATION program resulted to the increasing number of business establishments in the city’s Central Business District (CB) as well as numerous industries operating at the province’s industrial parks. Etymology The first recorded name of the Province was Augmenting, after the Data who inherited the dominion from Data Balances. Its centre, the present day Balkan, was the most progressive town of the province and the traditional centre of governance.

Later. s the eruption of the Tall Volcano destroyed a significant portion of the town, the rabbinical centre was transferred total, which was then called Bonbon and the name of the province was changed after that of the town. The term Bataan means a raft, the people used so that they could fish in the nearby Tall Lake. It also meant the numerous logs found in the Clamping River, the body of water that runs through the northeastern portion of the town


and assumes the shape of a tuning fork. Geography Physical Battings Is a combination of plains and mountains, Including the world’s smallest volcano, Met.

Tall, with an elevation of 600 meters, located in the middle of the Tall Lake.

Other important peaks are Met. Mazurka with an elevation of 830 m, Met. Talisman with 700 m, Met. Pico De Lord with 664 m, Met. Football with 811 m, Met. Nabob with 830 m, and Met.

Douglas with 672 m. The Municipality of Unusual Is the home of the plantation of Central Career Don Pedro, the Philippines’ largest producer of sugar and other sugarcane products. Battings also has many islands, including Tingly, Verve Island(alls Verve), Fortune Island of Unusual.

Flora and fauna IS distinctively theirs. The Malaysia’s or the Philippine Teak can only be found in the nowhere else but in Battings while the endangered flying fox, civet cats, hosannas of breathtaking thrives there without fear.

Battings is also home to the kebab (Hypersensitivities), one of the world’s smallest fruit bat. In the Municipality of Unusual, wild derrière still inhabiting the remote areas of rancorously, Papaya, Bulimia and Adapt. But although Battings has these land flying mammals, marine wildlife remains to be the province’s crowning glory.

In fact, in the second half of 2006, scientists from the United States discovered that the Sulk-Salaries Triangle has its centre at the Islam Verve Passage, a part of the province. According to this study, made by he American Marine Biologist Dry. Kent Carpenter, Battings Seas host more tha

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half of the world’s species of coral reefs.

It is also home dolphins and once in a Nile, a passage of the world’s biggest fish the whale shark or the buttoning, as the locals call it. The Municipality of San Juan, as a matter of fact, has a resident marine turtle or Pakistan.

Passions like Olive Riddle sea turtle, leather back sea turtle and green sea turtle were also prevalent in the Municipality of Unusual up to the present. Economy Products tangos also has other industries. Battings is known for its fan knife, ailed billions by the natives. This industry has become so famous that an urban legend exists about every Obtainment carrying a billions everywhere they go.

Pineapples are also common in the province. Aside from the fruit, the leaves are also useful that it becomes an industry of its own.

In the Municipality of Tall, pineapple leaves are being processed to be a kind of cloth known as thesis. This is further processed to become the Barons Toga, the National Costume of the Philippines. In fact, the Barons Toga that was used by the heads of states in the last Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation in 1995 was from Battings. Princess Diana Spencer was also known to possess a scarf made of gust.

Battings is also known for its livestock Industry. Cattle from Battings is widely sought throughout the country.

In fact, the term Backstabbing (Battings Cow) is actually synonymous to the country’s best species of cattle. Indeed, the cattle industry in Battings is so famous, that every Saturday is an auction day in the Municipalities of San Juan, Banana and widely-known and famous Padre Garcia every Thursday and Friday. Being near the sea, it is only expected that fishing plays a very important part of the Bataan Economy.

Although the tuna industry in the country is mainly centered in General Santos, Battings is also known for the smaller species of the said fish.

The locals even have their own names for the said fish. Some of them include the term, Tambala,yellow-finned reverberate, tambala’s, Outlining, Bonito and another species also called Bonito but actually the Gymnosperm unicorn. There is also an important industry for the Tanning.

Aside from the South China Sea, Tall Lake also provides a source of fresh water fishes to the country. The lake is home to Serializations or simply tails, a species of freshwater sardine that is endemic to the lake.

Tall Lake also provides farmed Chanson’s or Bangui. There is also a good volume It is ecologically important to note that neither Bangui nor tailpipe are native to the lake. Thus they are considered invasive species to the lake. As mentioned in the section of culture, Obtuseness are indeed fond of drinking.

This is of no surprise as It lies in what is called the coconut belt that is the raw material for the local liqueurs, the lambing (with 90% proof) and the tuba(which is made of 5. 8% alcohol and 13% sugar). Sugar is also a major industry.

As a matter of fact, after the Hacienda Lawsuit, the country’s former largest sugar producer, was

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