Basic Quantitative Data Analysis

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Data Analysis (Six ISLLC Standards)

I. Activity Description (Data Analysis)

A. Components: data analysis is the qualitative and quantitative approaches in the research activities. The main objective is to learn and develop the various methods of data analysis and be able to apply them in all research areas.

B. Options: Various data analysis methods, presentations, tools and techniques must be studied and developed for effective data research studies.

II. Knowledge:

A. Development of skills and knowledge of data analysis

B. Information on data collection

C. Effective analysis of data methods

D. Development of evaluation skills

III. Dispositions: (Skills)

A. Skills in appraising the analysis component of reseach

B. Appreciation on different approaches to quantitative data analysis

C. Knowledge in approaching differently the qualitative data analysis

D. Skills in undertaking the basic qualitative and furthermore the quantitative data analysis

IV. Performances: (Outcome) after learning of the data analysis and developing the data analysis skills, the learner must be able to perform various functions including awareness of the situation of qualitative data analysis within the inductive and deductive paradigm.

V. Evaluation: Completion of the data analysis methods and techniques presentations.

Data analysis (Six ISLLC Standard)

I. Activity Description (data analysis testing on leadership development)

A. Components: The ISLLC staandards is used to set out a behavioral outcomes that school leaders will use to bring about substantive and sustained school behavioral.

B. Options: Based on the outcome of this project, the study will be applied in other institutions and schools.

II. Knowledge:

A. Student growth and development of leadership skills

B Implementation of leadership skills

C. Leadership strategies

III. Dispositions: (Skills)

A. Implementation for classical leaders in general

B. Advocating of the school policy

C. Maximizing effectiveness of students and staff

IV. Performances: (Outcomes/Products) to ensure all the mission and vision of the school are effectively met by both the students and the staff.

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