Baseball study guide- gym

live ball
any ball that remains in the field of play (includes some parts of foul territory) a player advances at their own risk

dead ball
any ball that leaves the field of play (a ball that enters the dugout). a player recieves the base he was running toward and an additional base

tagging up
a base runner may advance to the next base on any fly ball (fair or foul) after the fielder has caught the ball

if player touches ball before it gets to base, its fair or foul?

if ball stopped in fair terretory before first or third its fair or foul?

if ball lands in foul terretory then bounces into fair past the bases.

if ball lands in foul terretory then bounces into fair before first or third base

infield fly rule
it is a fair fly ball that can be easily caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, there are less htan two outs, with men on first and second or the bases are loaded. The batter is automatically out and the runners advance at their own risk.

the point is not scored
if the third out is made as a result of a force play or fly ball…. what happens?

that part of the game in which both teams bat.

when a ball lands in fair territory between home and first base or home and third base is it fair or foul?

if a ball hits first or third base it is fair or fowl? , as is when it is touched in fair territory by a fielder

the line is fair or fowl?

home plate is fair or fowl?

a ball bounding before first or third and then going over the base is fair or fowl?

base hit
a hit in which the batter advances to first base without getting out .

extra base hit
a hit in which the batter gets more than one base

fielders choice
when the fielder chooses to put out runner or the batter, thus allowing the advances of other runners

the act of a runer going past the base he is running to so that contact is lost. A runner may overrun first base without fear of being tagged out.

double play
when two outs occur during the same play

force play
a play when a runner (two or three runners) loses the right to the base occupied and is forced to advance because the batter becomes a runner

forced out
a put out during which a runner is being forced to advance, is tagged out, or is out by the fielder touching the base the runner is forced to.

a runner may not run run more than three feet away from a direct line between two bases to avoid being tagged out or interfere with a fielder. A base runner must avoid a collision with the fielder, if they are fielding a ball.

base runner hit by a live ball
a base runner is out when the ball hits him in fair territory. if a player is on the base and is hit by a batted ball, then the batter is out

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