Bartending – Shots

Question Answer
Mud Slide Layer1/3 kahlua1/3 Bailey's Irish cream1/3 vodka
B-52 Layer1/3 kahlua1/3 Bailey's Irish cream1/3 grand marnier
Orgasm Layer1/3 kahlua1/3 amaretto1/3 Bailey's Irish cream
Cement Mixer Layer2/3 Bailey's Irish cream1/3 lime juice
Duck Fart Layer1/3 kahlua1/3 Bailey's Irish cream1/3 crown royal
Girl Scout Cookie Layer1/3 kahlua1/3 Bailey's Irish cream1/3 peppermint schnapps
Gorilla Fart Layer1/2 wild turkey1/2 Bacardi 151 rum
Oreo Cookie Layer1/3 half and half1/3 dark creme de cacao1/3 vodka
Oatmeal Cookie Layer1/4 jagermeister1/4 Bailey's Irish cream1/4 butterscotch schnapps1/4 cinnamon schnapps
Screaming Orgasm Layer1/4 kahlua1/4 amaretto1/4 Bailey's Irish cream1/4 vodka
Slippery Nipple Layer1/3 Bailey's Irish cream2/3 Sambuca
Three Wise Men 1/3 Jim Beam1/3 Jack Daniels1/3 Johnnie Walker Black
Blow Job 1/2 kahlua1/2 Bailey'sWhipped cream
Butterball 2/3 butterscotch schnapps1/3 Bailey's Irish cream
Incredible Hulk 3/4 oz hpnotiq3/4 oz HenneseyStir
Dr Pepper Shot glass and Beer glassFill beer glass 3/4 fullI oz amaretto in shot glassDrop shot glass in beer
Irish Car Bomb Fill shot glass w 1/2Bailey's & 1/2 bushmillsFill beer glass 3/4 fullDrop shot into beer

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