Banners Broker’s Days Are Counted: Canadian Police Is Investigating

According to a report on a popular Facebook Page of ripped off Banners Broker Victims, Canadian police has started to investigate against Banners Broker. Banners Broker is probably one of the largest Ponzi schemes online nowadays, being online since the end of 2010. It is believed that the key people behind this scam are a black guy called “Chris Smith” who is also the public face of the so-called “advertising company” and a well known person called Rajiv Dixit, well known from previous pyramid schemes and scams.According to the Facebook Page, the operator had a message from a Banners Broker affiliate on October 5th, who went to police after being ripped off by the scheme. According to him, the police requested all documents from him, as they are investigating the Banners Broker scheme. It is not clear yet if this is true, but till now we have no reason to doubt. So if you are from Canada and got ripped of by Rajiv Dixit and his gang, go and visit the Canadian Authorities, you will be taken seriously. This should have a high level of importance for you, as it is the only way to get the scheme shut down and Chris Smith, Rajiv Dixit and all the other people behind the scheme where they belong: In Jail! Also the big promoters and profiters of the scheme will get into huge trouble if you act now. So don’t be silent and rise your hand now!

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