Bacterial Growth In Water Essay

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My topic is “Bacterial Growth In Water”. It is to observe how much bacteria grows in different types of water over a certain time. Bacteria is a one celled living organism, It cannot be seen with the human eye, you need a microscope. Bacteria is a simple structure. Its size is about 1/25,400 of an inch across, that is very small. Bacteria is classified by biologist as a plant. They are usually separated into four groups. That depends on their size. Bacteria reproduce by splitting into two different new bacteria. Those bacteria grow until they reach a certain size and then split again. This process is called simple fission. Bacteria grow and reproduce very rapidly under certain conditions. One single bacterium can grow and divide into two new cells in less than an half-hour. If the process takes place every hour for twenty-four hours bacteria can produce sixteen-thousand new bacteria ( 1, pp. 17-19 ). The study of bacteria is called Bacteriology. In order to grow bacteria without mixing them with many other kinds of bacteria, a Bacteriologist must sterilize all of the tools and materials used.

The most important tool used when studying bacteria is a microscope.

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Without it you could not see the bacteria. The microscope is sometimes stained so the bacteria can be seen better. A person or agent that destroys the bacteria is called a Bacteriophage. He destroys the bacteria by lysis , or dissolving it. Different types of bacteria are harmful. These bacteria or bacterias are normally called viruses, for example the flu is a virus , or one of the more dangerous viruses is AIDS. Bacteria is not always dangerous. It can sometimes be helpful like in agriculture and industry. In the textile industry, bacteria are used to soften hemps and flax fibers so they may be spun into thread. In agriculture bacteria is used to cure tobacco. As you see bacteria is very small but still plays a very important role (3,pp. 498-501 ). Bacteria can live water as well as it can on land. When you look in the ocean does the water look blue? It really has no color at all. It looks that way because of the way the sunrays hit the water. Water is a liquid formula H2O, this means each water molecule contains one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen.

Most people don’t think of everything it goes through so we can drink it. Water can carry harmful bacteria and substances. You pay a water bill that takes care of all the chemicals used to kill the harmful bacteria ( 2, pp. 92-99 ). Before your water was treated it was sewer water that has been to a place in Glasgow called Beaver Creek. If the water we drink was not treated we would probably not be here right now because of all the harmful bacteria that there is in it. Lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams are becoming very dirty due to pollution. Even though your water is treated sometimes all of the bacteria still has not been killed. Few and very few die form untreated water every year because the bacteria is so little but can do so much ( 7 ) Here are a few interesting facts about water. Did you know that the human tissue requires about two and a half quarts of water per day? But most people usually only get one quart a day (5 ).

Have you ever wondered how water qets to our water faucets? The water travels through the water plant and the pumps at the water plant pumps it into our water lines. We then turn on the water faucet and turn it off when we are finished (5). Hopefully you have learned a little bit about water and bacteria. In Genesis 1:2 it says, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”. In Genesis 1:10 it says, “And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.”( 4, p. 7 ). God created water in the very beginning of the earth and said it was good. So lets preserve it and keep harmful bacteria out of it.

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