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This appraisal consists of 30 multiple-choice inquiries. The inquiries cover air power topics studied for the issue of the commercial pilot’s license and general aircraft handling. The inquiries are answered by indicating and snaping the needed reply utilizing the mouse. To travel to the following inquiry chink on the ‘next’ button. To travel back to a inquiry chink on the ‘previous’ button. To alter your reply point and chink at another reply. The appraisal is non timed. You should anticipate to take about 20 proceedingss to reply all the inquiries.

1 ) Jet airliners like the 737 or A320 have swept wings. The ground for this expanse dorsum is?

To cut down retarding force at the design sail Mach figure. ”/ & gt ;
To enable these aricraft to utilize less infinite when parking at airdrome Gatess. ”/ & gt ; To counter the aerodynamic pitch down consequence at high Mach Numberss. ”/ & gt ;

2 ) Airbrakes are most effective”/ & gt ;
On the track instantly after touchdown”/ & gt ;
In the landing constellation [ Wheels down / full flap ] ”/ & gt ;
In a rapid descent from high altitude”/ & gt ;

3 ) Some modern airliners are fitted with slotted flaps. The intent of these slots is to”/ Enable the flaps to be curved into an airfoil section”/ & gt ;
Re-energise the upper surface air flow to forestall flow separation at high angles of attack”/ & gt ; Increase the wing country and cut down the wing lading on takeoff and landing”/ & gt ; 4 ) Dutch axial rotation at high height is prevented in modern airliners by? Suiting full clip yaw dampers”/ & gt ;

Automatically diminishing the rudder authorization above 250kts IAS”/ & gt ; Suiting swept up winglets at the flying tips”/ & gt ;

5 ) If an airliner is flown faster than its MMo. ?
The managing features may alter above Mmo”/ & gt ;
The retarding force rise due to squeezability will decelerate the aircraft down”/ & gt ; The aircraft must be slowed instantly as any velocity in surplus of Mmo will
overstress the airframe”/ & gt ;

6 ) When ciphering takeoff public presentation speeds”/ & gt ;
Vmcg should be greater than V1?/ & gt ;
Vmcg should be less than or equal to V1?/ & gt ;
Vmcg must be greater than V1 by 30 % ”/ & gt ;

7 ) On the track taking off in a strong crosswind from the right a swept wing jet airliner will be given to”/ & gt ; Yaw ( weather vane ) to the right”/ & gt ;
Yaw ( weather vane ) to the left”/ & gt ;
Drift off the centreline downwind”/ & gt ;

8 ) Immediately after takeoff in a swept flying airliner such as the 737 the left engine fails. The aircraft will be given to”/ & gt ; Yaw and axial rotation to the right”/ & gt ;
Yaw right and flip nose up”/ & gt ;
Yaw left and turn over left”/ & gt ;
9 ) After set downing in rain on a track promulgated as ‘Slippery when wet’ your aircraft starts to diverge from the track centreline. What action do you take to halt the impetus? ”/ & gt ; Cancel change by reversal thrust”/ & gt ;

Use full antonym rudder to command the drift”/ & gt ;
Use differential contrary push until the nosewheel maneuvering becomes effective”/ & gt ;

10 ) After set downing on a dry track which is the most effectual deceleration device? ”/ & gt ; The dive brakes / spoilers”/ & gt ;
Reverse thrust”/ & gt ;
The antiskid brakes

11 ) To speed up from idle to full push a typical fanjet engine will take about”/ & gt ; 4 seconds”/ & gt ;
8 seconds”/ & gt ;
12 seconds”/ & gt ;

12 ) The usage of high force per unit area bleed air from the compressor for anti-icing
will”/ & gt ; Decrease engine runing temperatures and thrust”/ & gt ;
Increase fuel consumption”/ & gt ;
Have no consequence on jet engine performance”/ & gt ;

13 ) Engine frost is most likely to occur”/ & gt ;
At any clip when the outside air temperature is 1 grades celsius or below”/ & gt ; When winging if seeable wet such as rain or fog is present”/ & gt ; When seeable wet is present and the entire air temperature is 10 grades celsius or below”/ & gt ;

14 ) Ice Contamination of the flying upper and lower surface may cause”/ A decrease in stall borders and possible hapless sidelong control on takeoff”/ & gt ; A loss of lift and pitch control on the ground”/ & gt ;

An addition in the deliberate push scene required for takeoff”/ & gt ; & gt ;

15 ) The symptoms of windshear may include”/ & gt ;
Loss of height. airframe counter. a high rate of descent combined with inordinate pitch attitudes”/ & gt ; A important alteration of airspeed. divergency from the needed flight way. normal control inputs deficient to keep the flight path”/ & gt ; Loss of airspeed. increasing rate of descent and pre-stall buffet”/ & gt ;

16 ) An aircraft flies through the base of an active thundercloud cloud. The pilot might anticipate it to experience”/ & gt ; A strong updraught merely under the cloud base”/ & gt ;
A downdraft followed by an updraught and so another downdraft”/ & gt ; An updraft followed by a downdraft and so another updraft”/ & gt ;

17 ) In unagitated winter conditions in NW Europe dense fog is cleared most efficaciously by”/ & gt ; A alteration of airmass”/ & gt ;
Solar radiation”/ & gt ;
An addition in air current speed”/ & gt ;
18 ) Flying at 33000 pess the aircraft cabin quickly depressurises. What period of utile consciousness can you anticipate? ”/ & gt ; About 25 seconds”/ & gt ;
About 50 seconds”/ & gt ;
About 120 seconds”/ & gt ;

19 ) When doing a ocular landing on a track with a 1 grade incline up you may see A ocular semblance of being high on the required glidepath”/ & gt ; A ocular semblance of being low on the glidepath”/ & gt ;

Neither of these as the ocular consequence of the track incline is insignificant”/ & gt ;

20 ) In the sail at high height when winging into an country of known turbulency you would”/ & gt ; Stop the cabin service and fly at the turbulency speed”/ & gt ;
Procure the cabin and cockpit. choice turbulency velocity and keep a changeless attitude”/ & gt ; Secure the cabin and cockpit and descent at Mmo / Vmo”/ & gt ;

21 ) Approximately how far will a jet airliner travel in still air when falling clean from FL370 to FL70? ”/ & gt ; 50 nanometer / 88 km”/ & gt ;
75 nm / 132 km”/ & gt ;
100 nm / 176 km”/ & gt ;

22 ) While in a descent under radio detection and ranging control you receive a TCAS declaration advisory ( RA ) . You would”/ & gt ; Continue with the descent. rede ATC of the RA and look out for other aircraft”/ & gt ; Continue the descent but turn 90 grades off the assigned header and rede ATC”/ & gt ; “Manoeuvre following the RA counsel and rede ATC”/ & gt ;

23 ) Before get downing the concluding descent on an NDB attack you would”/ & gt ; Tune the beacon and cipher the needed rate of descent”/ & gt ; Monitor the beacon designation and descend when on the track heading”/ & gt ; Ensure that you are within +/- 5 grades of the inbound QDM”/ & gt ;

24 ) At 1700 pess on an ILS attack the GPWS sounds ‘Whoop. whoop. draw up. pull up’ . Would you”/ & gt ; Check the ILS glideslope is within one point and cross cheque height with the wireless altimeter”/ & gt ; Immediately go about following the criterion missed attack process. inform ATC”/ & gt ; Cancel the GPWS. look into
on the glidepath and increase push as a precaution”/ & gt ;

25 ) At what distance from the stop terminal of the track do the Centre line visible radiations alteration from red/white to red? ”/ & gt ; 900m”/ & gt ;
600m”/ & gt ;
300m”/ & gt ;

26 ) Taxyway illuming consists of”/ & gt ;
Green Centre line visible radiations with bluish border lighting”/ & gt ;
Green Centre line visible radiations with green border visible radiations on corners”/ & gt ; White centre line visible radiations with ruddy border visible radiations on corners”/ & gt ;

27 ) While in the keeping form waiting to set down you notice that the entire fuel in armored combat vehicles has fallen below company minimal militias. What action would you take? ”/ & gt ; Declare a ‘Fuel emergency’ and set the transponder to 7600?/ & gt ; Declare an exigency and petition aid from ATC”/ & gt ;

Advise ATC and your company that you are instantly deviating to your designated alternate”/ & gt ;

28 ) In the air a loss of situational consciousness is most likely to originate if”/ & gt ; Both pilots are engaged in programming the FMC”/ & gt ;
The non-handling pilot fails to utilize air passages charts to look into the aircraft’s position”/ & gt ; ATC are speaking to one pilot while the other is winging the aircraft manually”/ & gt ;

29 ) At 900 pess on a manually flown ILS attack you notice the handling pilot has let the aircraft bead below the glidepath. Would you”/ & gt ; Verbally warn the handling pilot. supervise the response and expression for a correction”/ & gt ; Verbally warn the handling pilot and take control immediately”/ & gt ; Verbally warn the handling pilot. increase push and lightly cover the controls”/ & gt ;

30 ) When covering with a complex exigency the first officer should”/ & gt ; Carry out all the captain’s orders without farther discussion”/ & gt ; Carry out merely orders that are in conformity with company criterion runing procedures”/ & gt ;
Try to discourse with the captain any orders that are ill-defined or confusing”/ & gt ;

End OF SET 1

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