Autonomy and Responsibility in This Earth of Mankind

This Earth of Mankind is about Minke, a Javanese minor royal, who studies at Hollands Burgelukse School, or HBS. This takes place in a time when only the descendants of the European colonizers can expect to achieve this level of education. This relates directly to autonomy and responsibility by having the self-worth to achieve such high standers. In the book, Minke is talented young writer whose works become published in several Dutch-language journals which are greatly admired.

This skill requires responsibility through herself as a writer. To be a published writer can be seen as being a responsible one as well. Minke takes pride in his works as a writer to get them published. Because Minke is a “native”, Minke is disliked by many of his fellow classmates because each of them have some sort of European descent in them, and Minke does not. Because Minke is different than most of his students, autonomy and responsibility can be seen here too.

This is because even though he is persecuted for being different, he is portrayed as having respect for himself and who he is. Due to the fact that Minke is always standing up for himself and what he believes in, along with his drive and ambition to get out in paper his thoughts and ideas makes him a direct example of autonomy and responsibility. Also, in going against the injustices against his fellow Javanese as well as challenging the ideas of his own culture, Minke is a great example of autonomy and responsibility throughout the entire book.