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Guidance and Counseling System is the most critical subject office in many establishments such as the instruction sectors. Schools. Colleges. and Universities are depending on the Guidance Office to steer pupils to procure their public assistance mentally and academically. Students that are carefully guided by the office until they graduated are most likely to be successful in their professional callings.

Guidance and Counseling System is composed of many services that help the pupil header in their school life peculiarly in College life which is the passage of pubescence and adolescence. Students find it difficult during college to show themselves and do of import determinations sing their calling. So the Guidance and Counseling Office will enable them to do wise determination by offering them Guidance Services indispensable maps.

In UPH-DJGTMU. the Guidance and Counseling Office is utilizing manual system. that’s why their services is non that efficient. The Automated Services of Guidance and Counseling Office will enable their services be more available to pupils.

Undertaking Context

UPH-DJGTMU Guidance and Counseling Office has a difficult clip go toing to their offered services because it doesn’t have an automated Guidance System. And because of that. pupil is non function wholly. its services is non implemented good because of manual system of making undertaking such as updating peculiar records. stock list of pupil records. scheduling pupil guidance. updating calling information. proposing seminars and orientations. managing pupil ailments. publishing a parents meeting with the counsellor. doing contact with outside companies for the pupil following plan after they graduate and other of import services. Those undertakings are sometimes non good handled because the office has limited forces.

Since the Guidance and Counseling Office is missing of work force. it is understood that all services and undertaking of the Office can non transport out swimmingly. That’s why our group decided to suggest an Automated Guidance System which we called Automated Services of UPH-DJGTMU Guidance and Counseling Office.

Purpose and Description

This system will enable the Guidance personnel’s to maintain their pupil service systematic. The Inventory Service will maintain records of the pupil basic information. The Information Service will point the pupils peculiarly the freshmen’s on how to take their calling by demoing the possible occupation chances of their offered classs.

The Counseling Service will maintain path of the pupils guidance record and to assist them win mental and academic jobs in college life. The Follow-up Service shall help the pupils in locating themselves on happening the most appropriate occupation after they graduate.

The Placement Service includes a Virtual Tour that shows the Dean’s Office of the Medical University and other of import offices. Referral Service shall urge pupils into a more specialised individual sing their mental instance job.

The Seminar Inquiry will maintain path of the seminars and orientations of the Guidance Office that has been executed on Medical University. It allows seminar rating to acknowledge the importance of a seminar. The Letter Information shops all the letters made to hive away records and reappraisal for future usage. The Student – Teacher Welfare Section will assist the both party to show their complains and make further actions sing the issue.

All mentions and records are kept confidential because the system is password protected and can the watchword can be modified from clip to clip.

a. General Aim:
To develop a system for the mechanization of the Guidance Services that can assist them function pupils with the highest quality.

B. Specific Aims:
* To automatize Student Profile Records for faster indexing. * To update orientation and seminars at the same time by the aid of studies. * To point the pupils peculiarly the freshmen’s on how to take their calling by demoing the possible occupation chances of their offered classs. * To maintain path of the pupils guidance record.

* To urge pupils into a more specialised individual sing their mental instance job. * To record and measure seminars * To enable Virtual Tour on the Medical Building Dean’s Offices and other of import Office. * To enter student-teacher complains and do actions to work out struggles between pupil and professors. * To let the Graduate Students to register into the Graduate Tracer Study which will enable them to happen suited occupation harmonizing to their several class.

Scope and restrictions

The proposed system was designed and developed to supply UPH-DJGTMU the most effectual tool to introduce their current Guidance System. This system is composing of the undermentioned characteristics:

* Inventory Service
* Information Service
* Counseling Service
* Placement Service
* Follow-up Service
* Referral Service
* Seminar Inquiry
* Letter Information
* Student-Teacher Welfare Section

It limits the user merely to Guidance Personnel’s and non made to be used by pupils.

Benefits and Impacts
The system was made to function the pupils of UPH-DJGTMU by assisting them thru the Guidance Services what will do immense alteration on the services done on manual system. To bring forth academically and mentally shaped pupils is the end of the mechanization.

In this survey. the mark donees are pupils.

The system will offer them systematic counsel services which will steer them throughout college life. they will be given the chance to heighten their abilities and endowments by seminars. the system will besides steer the pupil to the right way of taking calling the right class when they enroll. The system will besides heighten the student-teacher dealingss in school. this will decrease the struggle issues between other modules and pupils.

The machine-controlled system will besides mention pupils to outside establishments sing mental issues to assist them get by up with mental jobs. The system besides has company association so when they graduate. the Guidance Office will besides assist them happen a suited occupation tantrum in their endowments and capablenesss.

Definition of Footings

Technical Footings

1. System – it is any aggregation of constituents elements that work together to execute a undertaking and it is used in a assortment of context. 2. Evaluation – act of sing or analyzing something on order to judge its status 3. Difficult disc – A for good installed. continuously whirling magnetic storage medium made up of one or more stiff disc platters. 4. Memory – The memory country in which all plans and informations must shack before plans can be executed or informations manipulated.

Non-Technical Footings

1. Field – The smallest logical unit of informations. Ex-husband: are employee figure. first name and monetary value. 2. Record – A aggregation of related Fieldss ( such as an employee record ) depicting an event or an point. 3. Password – A word or phrase known merely to the terminal user. When entered. it permits the terminal user to derive entree to the system. 4. Record – A aggregation of related Fieldss ( such as an employee record ) depicting an event or an point.

1. RAD – Rapid Access Development
2. JAD – Joint Application Development

Chapter II


The construct of developmental counsel was born early in the twentieth century. From its origin through the fiftiess. the focal point of counsel in a school scene was vocational instruction and preparation. Heavily influenced by the industrial revolution and universe war. the concern of counsellors and instructors likewise was to fix pupils for life after high school. From a counsel position specifically. that meant maneuvering pupils to callings that best fit their abilities and ends. By the fiftiess. developmental counsel had grown to integrate the casting of pupil attitudes and behaviours. More accent was placed on the mental wellness and emotional well being of kids. ( Muro & A ; Kottman. 1995 )

By the late sixtiess. the function of the school counsellor began to take its current form. In its modern-day province. counsel has grown to include guidance. planning. arrangement. referral. and audience Schmidt. 1993 ) . At the same clip. counsel at the simple school was being developed and implemented. Along with the development of simple counsel came the accent on bar. intercession. and coordination ( Muro & A ; Kottman. 1995 ) . As the field of developmental counsel has grown. so have the accent pedagogues have placed on coordination and cooperation. In a well working school environment. cooperation exists

between all school staff members. For a comprehensive counsel plan to boom. cooperation between school counsellors and instructors is paramount.

Harmonizing to Nugent ( 1990 ) . following to counsellors. instructors are the most of import constituent in implementing a successful comprehensive counsel plan. By and big. instructors are the cardinal grownup figure in the mean pupil’s school twenty-four hours. They are the most influential figures. be it positive or negative. to the mean pupil. This is peculiarly true at the simple degree. where kids spend the bulk of their twenty-four hours in one schoolroom.

School counsellors and instructors have co-existed in the school puting for rather some clip. One would presume that over that period of clip both professions would come to understand and accept one another. Some research suggests otherwise. Harmonizing to Myrick ( 2003 ) . some instructors hold misconceptions about the function and map of counsellors. Counselors are sometimes reviewed as administrative helpers who have small clip to advocate pupils.

Fueling the misconception is the fact that some instructors distrust counsellors. due to their evident alliance with disposal. These instructors are wary of counsellors detecting pupils in their schoolrooms. They worry that their instruction methods are being evaluated as if counsellors work as the eyes and ears of the disposal. Teachers who are uncooperative and unsupportive have criticized developmental counsel in general. These instructors believe that counsellors have small. if any. impact on pupil behaviours or pupil public presentation.

They do non like pupils from their schoolrooms working with counsellors. They may even decline to direct their pupils to the counsel office. The refusal is based on the belief that counsellors truly do non assist. and directing pupils to the counsel office during category clip is a waste of clip that merely penalizes the pupil. Still other instructors will direct their pupils to see the counsellor. but merely during pupil deferral ( Muro & A ; Kottman. 1995 ) .

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